Dear, Little Pink Room

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Dear, Little Pink Room 

I just wanted to say it was a pleasure sleeping and inhabiting in your little environment, although you were small, you had enough space to make into a home and I am thankful for that. You were always warm, even in the depths of winter and your huge windows allowed so much natural light and when the sunsets were beautiful, I didn't even have to go outside to speculate them. Your big windows and low windowsill also helped me keep my plants alive. The fact that you were just a thin roof above my ceiling didn't bother me, I used to love listening to the rain when I was all tucked up in bed, I found it extremely comforting. Your wardrobe and desk space have now made me realise that; hmm maybe I do need a wardrobe and a desk after all! You see I've never really had a proper wardrobe and now I am without one I don't know where to put my clothes. I filled up your notice boards well didn't I? Endless drawings from boring lectures and various flyers I collected through freshers week. Oh little pink room I'm so sorry about freshers week, I'm sure you've probably seen worse, but me being sick in the shower and then sleeping in it was probably not one of your favourite moments! Ah your shower, that I could never really fit into, it's fair to say I'm not going to miss that. I am also going to rarely miss your pink walls and blue interior, although I did learn to live with it. You've given me some great memories but you've also seen some of my downward spirals, such as crying into an essay at 3 o'clock in the morning, you've also seen my yoga demonstrations most mornings and I dread to think what that looks like! It's strange to think that you will be given to a new person next year, someone as scared and as full of anticipation as me, maybe they will leave half way through, or come from a different country, I'll probably never find out, but I'm sure they'll have fun pulling all the ginger hair out of the carpet. Little room, your pink walls became home for me and for that I am eternally grateful, getting you made me meet great people and have some amazing memories and my name will always be on your door in permanent marker no matter how much the next resident likes it! You were small but you were all I needed, I hope you look after the next person as much as you did me. I'm really going to miss you little room. 

A Not So Blue Monday

Monday, 29 June 2015

This week has been full of tidying and moving things and that's really all it's been made up of, mostly tidying because once you've moved things, they have to be organised again and I'm literally at my wits end when organisation comes to mind! But I'm home now and it's time to let the summer ensue. Here are the things that have made me particularly happy this week:

- Being home and being in my garden- There's nothing better than a warm day sat in the garden, reading a book, surrounded by blooming plants. 

- Glastonbury footage- If I can't be there, sitting and watching it warm and dry on my sofa is second best. I thought this year was pretty good, all because of Florence of course. 

- Having lots of shifts at work- I know this is a strange one, but the more shifts I have the more money I have for London. 

- Oh yeah London! - The fact that this time next week I'll be in London, seeing the Harry Potter tour and the next day, the Alexander McQueen exhibition. And staying in a little cushty' apartment in Covent Garden, oh my!

- Getting my polaroid to work- I've been having a right ol' mare with my Polaroid 1000 Land that my Dad gave to me some years ago now. I could finally afford film, but after taking the photo it would just be dark even after doing the regulatory develop of half an hour! But the other day I decided to try again and got a dark but visible picture of Uni Halls to remember it by, pictures all round now I think!

- New Girl is back- My favourite comedy TV series is back in the UK and yes I know I could have watched all four seasons online by now somehow but I don't know I just don't want it to end, so watching it yearly will make it last forever right? And a little bit more special *Nick Miller is the illest of the ill*

What have I been listening to:

My Mum got me Florence's new album! Finally! She is the best! It's the special edition as well!  Can you tell I'm incredibly excited?! Honestly though, it's just as good as I thought it would be. My favourite songs at the moment are Delilah and How Big How Blue How Beautiful, those lyrics though. And not to mention all the packaging and the way the album is presented is just beautiful, rose gold, white and terracotta and a full booklet full of grainy images of Flo herself, Perfect. A full review will ensue!  

How was your Monday?

A Not So Blue Monday

Monday, 22 June 2015

Bit of a strange photo, but literally all I've done today is deep condition my hair and wear my dressing gown, so here you go a photo of me with deep conditioned hair in my dressing gown! Today has been filled with boring jobs like washing my knickers in the sink, yes I did say washing my knickers in the sink. This is the epitome of student life, when you run out of underwear and can't afford the washing machines! I think maybe it's time to go home for summer. These are the things that have made me particularly happy this week:

- Having an un-suspected week off work - I didn't know I was going to be off all week (no overtime for me) but everything worked out just fine because I was able to visit friends and have a right ol' time.

- Having endless cocktails and meals out with friends - My bank account's paying for it now though.

- Coconut Milk- Because I have decided to stop drinking milk because of reasons I will one day write a post about, I have been trying different forms of non-dairy milk. My favourite was almond milk but now I have tried coconut milk on my cereal I am a changed woman.

- Game of (mother effing) Thrones - It's been a pretty bland season in my opinion, but that finale blew everything out of the water like... pfft wasn't expecting that!

- Orange is the New Black is Back - I've missed this TV series and this week has been spent binge watching with Gareth. And yes I do have a crush on the new girl, like everybody else!

- My Mad Fat Diary is back! (so much TV news) - I haven't got to watch it yet, but I'm so happy my favourite nineties program is back, I've missed the fashion and the characters. And this series doesn't look like it will disappoint.

- Cumbria Pride - It was brilliant to see so many people turn out in Carlisle to celebrate everything LGBT based. Even though there were a few protesters, but they were shot down by some sassy lesbians so that wasn't a bother. I got lots of free stuff from all the stalls there and everyone was so lovely and friendly and the celebrations at the end of the night were great too!

- The fact that our Harry Potter Studio Tour tickets are booked - I can't wait to relive my childhood and feel nostalgic and drink butterbeer and all that! Gareth's going to be like a little child, he loves Harry Potter more than anything, honestly!

 What I have been listening to:

Because I can't buy Florence and the Machine's new album because of insufficient fund-age and don't want to ruin the experience of listening to it by Spotify ads, I haven't really been listing to anything new that I like. Hopefully I'll be able to get Florence soon and I'll do a full review!

How was your Monday ?

My Music Taste

This is an idea that I have stolen from Youtuber Lucy Moon's VEDJ series, in which she creates a simple video defining her music taste by use of a mind map and explains what genres she's into. I thought this would be a great idea because I have such a varied music taste and I thought it would be pretty interesting looking into the genres that I listen to the most and why I listen to them. 

I normally absolutely hate mind maps, I am much more of a list person, but listing the music I like seemed much harder, so I tried to ignore my mind map stigma and created something a little complex and rough around the edges. I also used my iPod to find out which genre I listen to the most and which genre had the most artists in that category, although many artists fell into the un-known genre section, which didn't help one bit. So lets all laugh at me trying to examine my music taste and try and make sense of the complete array of noises that I keep in my head. 

Indie/Indie Rock - 35 Artists 

This is the most extensive section of my iPod collection, containing such artists as: 

The Wombats
Two Door Cinema Club
Alt J
James Bay
Catfish and the Bottlemen 
Jamie T
King Charles 
Swim Deep 
Bombay Bicycle Club 

I have always been an indie kid, I can sense a ukulele riff and thick rimmed glasses a mile away! I listen to Indie music the most because I find it relaxing, the lyrics are intelligent enough to actually listen to and the sound can vary from a very fast, almost dancey' track to a slow paced, melancholic indie anthem about awkward teenage love. Meaning that there is always something out there for whatever mood you are in. Another thing about indie music that I love is that most of the artists are so down to earth, when going to an indie gig you find this unusually relaxed vibe where you can hang out with the artists afterwards and have a good ol' chin wag, you can talk to them about music and you don't have to go all 'fan girl' over them and they still appreciate you and that's what I love about the genre, it's not all about publicity and how many records they need to sell, it's the only genre I believe that is still 100% about the music. 

Leading on from indie is a little sub-genre I like to call:

80's Indie 

This is where my Mum comes in with her angsty, teenage playlists that she used to make me listen to and my Auntie for introducing me to depressing lyrics in a catchy riff. This genre doesn't have as many artists in my iPod but it is one that I hold incredibly dear to my heart. You will find the likes of:

The Smiths 
The Cure 
Joy Division 
The Stone Roses 
Echo and the Bunnymen 

Following on from the depressing 'Morrissey' stage of my iPod we come to:

Alternative - 11 Artists

Many argue that Alternative should be classed as an indie genre in itself, however there are artists that I listen to in this category that I believe don't fit in to any other category, these are:

Dog is Dead
Florence and the Machine
Kings of Leon
Tom Odell
George Ezra

You could probably argue that all of the these artists belong to the indie or rock category, however they do all have unique concepts that puts them apart from the rest. Leading on from this strange, almost sub-genre, we go into the complexity of my ipod which is:

Rock - 17 Artists   

I call this genre complex because I believe it should have many different sections, which my iPod wont allow me to create, so I'm going to create them myself right here and now:

Old Rock (Rock and Roll)

I can thank my Dad for this little category for showing me these bands at an incredibly early age. When kids my age were obsessed with Spice Girls I was listening to John Lennon (my Spice Girls phase arrived a little later of course):

The Beatles
Johnny Cash
Bob Dylan
Jimmy Hendrix
Aretha Franklin

With that my Parents also introduced me to:

70's Rock 

Fleetwood Mac
Simon and Garfunkel
Led Zeppelin
Elvis Costello
George Harrison
John Lennon
Patti Smith
T. Rex
Adam Ant
Nick Drake
Lou Reed
Leonard Cohen

Most of my music collection (not my iPod) is based on the past and I am eternally grateful to my parents for passing all this brilliant, clever, unique music onto another generation. (They introduced me to all this music in the 90's which I can't blame them for nothing good ever came out of the 90's)

With this we move onto more modern rock, which I haven't got a lot of really (my heart is set in the past):

Rock (Again, but modern)

The Vaccines 
Biffy Clyro 
The Killers 
Stevie Nicks 

Okay, Stevie Nicks isn't too modern but she is still creating music now and I respect that woman so much, if it were my choice, she'd be in every single one of these lists!

I guess we better talk about this genre:

Pop - 15 Artists

Every single pop album I have on my iPod has been created by an independent, role model woman. Says a lot really:

Ellie Goulding 
Lady Gaga 
Taylor Swift 

Can we just discuss my love for Lady Gaga a second? She is just my ultimate hero, she is insanely talented and has worked incredibly hard to get to where she is today, she loves art and believes that music and modern art goes hand in hand and I believe that to, she is an intense woman of business and gets what she wants, she works tirelessly to create shows that will interact with her fans because she can't live without them and appreciates every single one and last but not least, she once said in an interview that being half naked on TV does not make her a slut, because if a man did it he would be called rock and roll, so why cant women be called rock and roll too. (Gaga appreciation paragraph over)

I am also going to have to refer soon enough to my 11 year old emo phase, so why not do it now:


Everyone will probably have had 'that' phase of listening to angsty tunes, back combing your hair and wearing a stick of eyeliner a day. But we shouldn't be ashamed of that because along with it came some absolutely great music that will stick with you for life:

My Chemical Romance 
Panic at the Disco 
Blink 182

Even last week I heard Black Parade on the radio and found myself turning it up full blast and screaming all of the words. Honestly I think my pop-punk phase is indented into my brain!

Next is a much more gentle genre which I fell in love with when I started a band:

Acoustic - 5 Artists 

There's nothing better than hopping into the bath and putting your favourite acoustic artist on, especially when your bathroom has great acoustics! Over the years of liking this genre I haven't found many that I have stuck to, but the ones that I have I will listen to them for the rest of my life:

Ed Sheeran 
Lewis Watson 
Nina Nesbitt
Charlie Simpson 
Bon Iver 
George Ogilvie 

From this comes another relaxing genre that I seem to love and get most of my inspiration for song choices from:

Folk - 4 Artists 

Bears Den 
Fleet Foxes
Kate Rusby 
Civil Wars

My Mum also is a huge fan of folk music, but more of the 'diddly dee' kind if you know what I mean? I can listen to that kind in small amounts, however I do like a more relaxing folk sound. 

And this is when the musical structures of my brain go completely off course and we find ourselves where no white, British girl in her 20's is suspected to be:

R'n'B - 3 Artists

Even the way I wrote it seems incredibly 'white girl' Oh dear. I can't help it okay?! Every girl is entitled to a little bit of Kanye West alright! I also have added a spoken word artist to this section, just because he is classed as RnB but most of his songs are poetic raps:

Kanya West
Jay Z 
George the Poet 

It's not extensive and it's not exploratory into the genre at all, but it's just my little snippet of 'guns and hoes' okay? Maybe one day I'll explore the genre a little more, I have been liking The Weeknd recently, so we'll see if he makes it to the iPod. 

And last but not least, which links us nicely back to indie, making a full circle of my messed up, musical structure mind map we have:

Electronica - 5 Artists 

Before looking into my iPod I didn't think that I had much electronic music, but turns out I kind of do:

James Blake

Most of the artists here I didn't think were electronica, but if iPod says yes then they must be. Also this is definitely the place I go to when I'm getting ready for a big night out, until I get really drunk and then all I want is Fleetwood Mac (which annoys every single one of my flat mates)

Phew! I hope you have enjoyed looking into my music taste. There are probably loads of sub-genres that I have missed out, maybe some on purpose like the 'Guilty Pleasure' genre! But I think I appear to have explained this mess quite well. I urge you all, even if you don't want to make a post about it; to create a mind map of your music taste, you'll be quite surprised on what pops up!

Please let me know your music taste down below, I'm desperate to know what everyone else listens to? And you could give me recommendations if you like? 


Monthly Muses | May

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Most of the things I have been loving this month are Birthday presents, bought very generously by my boyfriend and friends. They must know me too well because I loved all of my presents, but these are the ones that I particularly favour.

1. ASOS High Shine Rain Mac in Lemon 

This beautiful new specimen arrived in my life a few weeks ago as a reward to myself for working over time. I love this coat so much and it has now replaced my mustard jumper as the brightest thing in my wardrobe! This is a very daring colour for someone like me who mostly wears grey and black but this has really done it's job of adding a little bit of much needed colour to my clothing, even on the dullest of days. It also lives up to it's name of being a raincoat and is completely waterproof, even the pockets, I found this out by taking it with my Blackpool Pleasure Beach and wearing it on all of the water rides. My phone and the top half of my clothes were completely dry. I feel fabulous in my little raincoat and incredibly 60's which can never be a bad thing. I hope summer will be glorious and sunny, but deep inside I am wishing for some rainy days, just so I can wear this beauty. 

2. Heath and Heather Decaffeinated Green Tea  

It's incredibly easy to get hold of decaf coffee, however decaf tea is much harder to find. Because I can't have any form of caffiene without feeling incredibly dizzy, nauseous and feverish; even a cup of tea is a no no anymore. Gareth knows this and bought me some special decaf green tea and chamomile tea, the green tea is my favourite. It just makes me happy that I drink endless cups of this and it will still give me the goodness of a cup of green tea, but not make me ill. Gareth bought this from Holland and Barrett and that's the only place I've seen it since, they don't seem to do decaf tea in the supermarkets for some reason, but I'm glad that Holland and Barrett stock it a a very reasonable price and this type of tea comes in many different flavours, which I am excited to try out.

3. Calm by Michael Acton Smith 

Gareth knows I'm a stress head, so he bought me something to ease my stress a little when it raises up it's ugly head. This book has now become one of my most treasured possessions, I recently finished reading it but because it is built up of chapters referring to certain situations I will definitely be reading certain topics in this book again when I need help. The book is amazingly well written with original text, scientific fact and historically famous quotes from calm royalty such as Gandhi and other more surprising people like Einstein and Steve Jobs. It also a very interactive book, sometimes taking a kind of wreck-this-journal role asking you to fill in some pages and write down your thoughts. Another thing about this particular copy is that it was stored along with many Lush products before my birthday, so now whenever I even turn a page of this book I get a beautiful aroma of the shop, which for me is calming in itself. Some advice for you then; if you do buy this book rub it in Lush products, you're welcome. 

4. POP Figure Merida Doll 

 This doll/figurine came into my life when my amazing best friend Georgia got it for my Birthday. I have always been told that I look exactly like Merida, which I take as a compliment, she is a completely independent, no-nonsense Disney princess and I am so glad I have been compared to her, not just by looks but by character as well. I don't think there is any other Princess I would like to be like. So now I have my own little Merida to remind me of, well, myself really. Thanks Georgia !

5. Lush Brazilliant Shampoo and Conditioner Bar 

This is just a tiny piece of the collection of Lush products I obtained for my Birthday. But because I don't have a bath at Uni I haven't been able to fully try them out yet, however this shampoo bar is great for the shower and it is therefore my new favourite thing to put on my hair. It's also an incredibly summery scent with mostly orangey ingredients and lots of lovely wholesome oils to help your hair a long the way to smooth and shiny. Now my hair will never be smooth but this shampoo bar has gotten it incredibly close to what people call 'smooth'. You only need a little bit as well, the bar contains some chemical (which I cant remember the name of) natural of course, which causes an intesnse foaming action which coats all of the hair in just one rub, meaning that the shampoo bar lasts for ages! After using this my hair feels completely nourished and soft, another good thing about these bars is that because it is such a small, concentrated amount, the ingredients do not cause dandruff. I've been using this bar for almost a month now and it has only gotten a tiny bit smaller, meaning it's going to last for a long ol' time. There are many other shampoo bars from Lush that you can experiment with as well. 

6. Barry M Matte Me Up Lip Crayon in Shade 1 

I have always been a Rimmel lipstick girl, however when I made the change to not buy products tested on animals anymore I have had to find a new range of lipsticks that I actually like. Barry M have just brought out this new range of matte lip crayons and this lovely nude colour really caught my eye. I never really go for nude lips because I sometimes think it can wash me out and doesn't really go with my hair. But this peachy tone looks really nice and the crayon itself is really easy to apply and stays on for a whole night of wine drinking so it must be good! It's really introduced me to nudes and I hopefully will be getting some more in the future. 

What have you been loving this month?

A Not So Blue Monday

Monday, 8 June 2015

Can we first just ignore the wintery bedding and terrible camera quality. I can't afford new bedding so these Christmas ones will have to do, also Gareth has stolen my camera for work, probably for the foreseeable future even though I told him I want it back on Wednesday, lets hope and pray. These are the things that have made me particularly happy this month:

- Starting a new book - God I'm a slow reader, I've been reading the same book for what feels like around 3 months! It was a great book but you do get bored and I' so glad to be reading something new and less modern (I'm one for the classics really). I'm reading 'To Kill a Mockingbird' because I was never lucky enough to read it at school, although the people that did read it at school do now seem to hate it. I've always wanted to read this book but there's always been something ahead on my reading list, but the time has come for Harper Lee, finally. 

- Cracking my comfort zone in two and going on a roller coaster! - This is a bog deal for me, it wasn't a big roller coaster, just 'The Grandnational' at Blackpool Pleasure Beach but for me it was the bloody Everest of roller coasters. My friend Amy didn't tell me how high the bloody thing was util we were climbing the steep incline and then there was no time to shout at her because I was hurtling down a steep, wooden hill over and over again. But I have to say it was rather fun and I probably would do it again if someone persuaded me and forgot to tell me about the height of it again. 

- Speaking of BPPB Valhalla was great - It's my all time favourite ride ever and the fact you get soaking wet makes it all the more fun. Because it's dark inside you don't realise how high the drops are, that is until I googled 'Valhalla in the light' and my goodness it's rather high. But I went on it three times and loved every minute and will definitely be going again next visit whenever that is. Also my yellow rain mac held up pretty well. 

- Northern People - On our way to Blackpool my friend Chloe and I were sat opposite a table on the train. Some people sat down infront of us and I at first though 'oh god no they're going to either be so annoying or talk to us, ugh help' They did indeed talk to us the whole of the journey but they were so lovely and I found out so much about them and their lives which I would have never known if they hadn't came and sat infront of us. Chloe who's from down South was saying that you would never get that on a Southern train nobody talks to eachother apparently and there's absolutely no craic' whatsoever. I love the North for that I really do. 

- Spyro the effing' Dragon - Was it the best decision to bring loads of PS1 games from home up to Uni? Yes, yes it was, I have spent all week re-living my childhood and playing Spyro with my flatmate Nathan and I have to say, it's a lot harder than I can remember, never have I fell off as many cliffs whilst gliding before!

- Meow it's Lucy - She's my favourite Youtuber at the moment, her content is so original and genuinely clever and intuitive, I actually feel like I'm learning something instead of just staring at someone elses daily vlog. I genuinely stayed up until 3 in the morning last night watching her videos, I have a lot of respect for that girl! 

What I have been listening to:

I found out the wonderful delight of who Bo Burnham is at the weekend, after watching his stand up show on Netflix I am now completely infatuated by his extremely talented song writing abilities and his hilariously dark humour. He reminds me an awful lot of Tim Minchin and we all know by now that song writing, pianist comedians are really my thing. 


How was your Monday?