A Not So Blue Monday

Monday, 24 April 2017

Hello pals! This week has been so fast paced. It began with an emergency dentist visit that kind of took me out of pocket (why are teeth so expensive to maintain?!) but after the initial shock of the price, I just lay back and let them take care of my chipped tooth. I'm so proud of myself, I used to get quite a bit of anxiety at the dentist and wouldn't make follow up appointments because of the weird social interaction of someone literally sticking their fingers and tools in my mouth! But now I don't really mind it, I don't enjoy it; I don't think anyone really enjoys the dentist, but I'm much less anxious when I'm there. Even when my mouth goes numb and I have to walk home with a completely numb mouth and just act like everything is normal. My tooth is fixed now though and I'm glad I got it sorted sooner rather than later. I also realised halfway through the week that I shouldn't have taken that huge break from doing Uni work because now I am VERY behind. I think once my dissertation was handed in I just switched off for a bit, oh dear. But I'm back on it now and I only have 2 more presentations left and I'm done. For good. Ahhhh! Here are the things that have made me particularly happy this week:


This show, it's been through 3 seasons and it's still astoundingly good! I thought they would maybe lose their way a bit with the direction of it but the ending still surprised me and the issues that were explored in this series were very brave of ITV to bundle in all together. I hope a lot of awareness has been raised about sexual assault and the stigma surrounding that and mental health as a whole. I still couldn't guess the ending. 


Yep it was announced this week that there will be ANOTHER general election in England in June, this came as quite a surprise to some including me, I didn't think our Theresa would listen to the people but she did (kind of), NO ONE WANTS YOU THERESA GO AWAY! This election is important because it literally decides the fate of the NHS and the fate of the country. When the election was announced a lot of bloggers including myself started using the #BloggersWhoVote hashtag to raise the fact that we all need to vote. The millennials (18-24) were the ones that gave the least amount of votes in the last election and that's scary because we are literally the future and to find that half of us don't care about that is terrifying.  Also one of my fave Youtubers Hannah Whitton made an amazingly informative video about voting and why we should do it and things and it's very articulate and knowledgeable, so go give it a watch and then register to vote and help decide the fate of the country, no biggy or anything. YES IT IS IT'S VERY IMPORTANT.  

Pins Galore _______________________________________________________________________

This week I won a giveaway! Yes people actually win these things, it was a wonderful giveaway on Bethany's blog of some special addition Punky Pins created by the amazing Mel Stringer. I won the whole collection and I am deeply in love with every one of them, I have pinned my favourites to my brand spanking new heavy weight denim jacket and I look hella' fine I must say. Thank you so much Bethany, I know it was a random giveaway and therefore you didn't choose the winner but I still feel so grateful and it didn't half brighten up my week!

Ecosia ___________________________________________________________________________

It was world earth day this week and I spent my day scrolling through incredible, inspirational blog posts about how we can be better for the planet. I came across this post on Grace's blog which introduced me to Ecosia the search engine that literally plants trees when you search for things, what?! I'm ashamed to say I was quite sceptical at first but after doing research and looking at how it actually works, it's such a good idea and such a simple and cool project. It's so easy to download and is attached to Crome so it's not like you get shit results when you search for things and it's so aesthetically pleasing counting all those trees!

Listening to // Paramore - Hard Times ________________________________________________

This bloody song! The first time I heard it I thought they had gone mad and then it got to the chorus and I haven't had it out of my head since. I love this new, 'quirky' side to Paramore,like many people they have been one of my favourite bands since I was about 13 and I am so happy they are back and have this new sound. My boo Emily rang me the other day and exclaimed 'Paramore love a cow bell' and she is not wrong, Paramore do love a cow bell!

How was your Monday?

A Not So Blue Monday

Monday, 17 April 2017

Hello pals! I've had a such a busy but relaxing week, I got to catch up with a lot of people over Easter and it was so nice to do so much and see their wonderful faces. But I'm so ready to get back into a routine and knuckle down and get my last two assignments done before the real holidays begin! Here are the things that made me particularly happy this week:

Friends __________________________________________________________________________

I went home and home felt nice because all my friends were also home. We had a proper catch up over homemade curry and wine and we put the world to rights as we always do. It was brilliant and it was so nice to see people I haven't seen since Christmas properly. Also Gareth and I had the oppurtunity to catch up properly and we are very excited about the next step in our friendship, feeling all kinds of positive!

Kill Bill __________________________________________________________________________

I call myself an avid movie lover but when I put my mind to it, I haven't seen many of the 'classics'. I love Tarantino movies, but I'd just never watched Kill Bill even though it stars my fave; Uma Thurman. So on Wednesday when my psychology course freinds decided to get together for a well deserved post-dissertation film night, after watching La La Land again and crying, again. We decided to watch Kill Bill and I loved it so much we ended up watching the second one in the same night. There are so many nods to Kill Bill in other films and cultural references that I never realised and it's just the epitome of a feminist film, I can't believe I left it so late but I'm so glad I finally got to watch it. 

Your Lie in April __________________________________________________________________

I've been getting into Anime lately (which I think I will write a post about at somepoiunt) and since my short exploration, I've found that I prefer more realistic ones. YLIA is wonderful and it kind of ruined my life but in the best kind of way, it's very heteronormative but it does explore pretty deep issues surrounding grief and coming-of-age and the artwork in it is just beautiful. 

Easter Walk in the Lakes ___________________________________________________________

When I go home it is becoming a bit of a tradition to go on a long walk in The Lakes . We live so close to what is claimed to be one of the most beautiful places in the UK and it's so nice to finally explore it properly. It's not like I took it for granted when I was younger, but because all of my friends lived somewhere near the coast, we always just used go by the sea. But now I'm older I want to explore a bit more and there's so much to explore in the lakes. This time we went to St John's in the Vale which is a tiny village on the side of a mountain, there was a cute church and we met some horses and I took many aesthetically pleasing photos until my phone annoyingly died on me. We also got to witness the handglider people jumping off the mountains and landing in the nearby fields, I've also decided that I want a go at this, uh oh. 

Listening to // Praise You - Hannah Grace_____________________________________________

I heard this on an advert for something-or-other and thought it was a nice version of the song, very uplifting for when you're walking down the street and the sun's out.


How was your Monday?


Vegan Chocolate Easter Nests w/ Peanut Butter Fudge Eggs

Friday, 14 April 2017

Ah Easter, a time of frustration and dissapointment for most vegans, being surrounded by things we can't eat can be quite deflating. But hopefully this recipe will add a little something more to your Easter Sunday! Whilst going through a particularly bad bought of productive procrastination when I was avoiding writing, I decided to spontaneaously make some Easter treats that are both vegan friendly and incredibly delicious if I do say so myself. This recipe is honestly so easy and is just another take on the classic chocolate nest recipe with just a little bit more flavour and much more peanut butter:

You will need:_____________________________________________________________________

1 Bar of Dark Chocolate (I used Bourneville but any will do)
4 cups of  crushed shredded wheat (It's better to buy the whole ones but my supermarket didn't stock them on that day so I had to buy mini ones, typical)
½ cup of Peanut Butter
½ cup of  icing sugar 
Mixed dried fruit (If you please)
1 tbsp of Golden Syrup (If you please)
Cupcake Cases (Important)


This recipe is so easy a child could do it (if you like that kind of thing).

1- Break up all the chocolate and pop it into a glass bowl, heat said glass bowl over a pan of boiling water until the chocolate is fully melted. 
2- This is where, if you wish to be a little bit more unhealthy you could add your tbps of golden syrup, this would work especially well if you've gone for 70% dark chocolate or something much more bitter than Bourneville. 
3- Pop the shredded wheat into a bag and mash the shit out of it until it's just litlle crumbly bits.
4- Add the crumbly bits to your melted chocolate and mix tenderly. 
5- Put mixture into cupcake cases and pop in the fridge to cool.
6- Lick bowl clean (this is pivotal for the recipe, you must do this) 
7- Add the peanut butter and icing sugar into a bowl and mix gently until the mixture is stiff(ey up). 
8- Take bits of the mixture and roll it into an egg-like shape.
9- After you have done this with all the mixture, add the eggs to the now cooled nests. I would say about 3 eggs to one nest, but it's up to you. 
10- Add your dried fruit and a sprinkling of icing sugar and pop in the fridge until the eggs are more solid and enjoy!

I think this recipe is well tasty and adds a little something to a classicly quite bland Easter treat, especially for vegans. The peanut butter 'fudge' is honestly so delicious and I've started making it just on its own and keeping it in the fridge for a snack. I hope you enjoy this recipe and please let me know if you try it!

What's your favourite vegan Easter treat?

A Not So Blue Monday

Monday, 10 April 2017

Hello pals! It's been another busy week filled with work and working. But I'm nearly at the end of the road now, I'm having a nice break now for Easter and then it's full steam ahead and then I'm done, that's crazy! Here are the things that have made me particularly happy this week:

Dissertation Hand In_______________________________________________________________

That's right I did it, I actually did it! At times I thought I would have to fill out extenuating circumstances, but I did it on my own. I was given so many mouldy lemons and I made the sweetest lemonade (pardon the metaphores, it's how I express myself). I had an absolute nightmare with the printing process because it all came out in red and black for NO REASON and cost me 20 QUID! But once it was printed and bound I felt so overwhelmed and had a lil' cry, I've never been so proud of myself. This may sound a bit silly to some; it's just a bit of paper (well 80 bits of paper) but to me it shows that when faced with a bump (or a huge swirling black hole) in the road, I can overcome it and become a better person for it, I made fucking lemonade (I hope you're proud of me Beyonce) I'll stop all this heartfelt gushing now but I just feel so proud and wonderful!

Open Mic ________________________________________________________________________

To celebrate my dissertation hand in I decided to go to one of my favourite events and sing a few tunes to a very noisy audience. The bar is new and there we're no mics or PA system but I had fun none the less, it was nice to be singing again. 

Kilo Sale _________________________________________________________________________

On Saturday I went to a huge vintage kilo sale and bought so much good stuff. I got a new insulated denim jacket for £15 and some new jeans and some pretty shorts and tops and just a lot of stuff for not very much of a price. I basically bought my whole new summer wardrobe because I've stopped shopping in highstreet stores (reason to come soon) and it was also a lovely treat to myself after a very stressful few days. 

Listening to // Harry Styles __________________________________________________________

Yep, like the rest of the world I've been listening to Sign of the Times all week and loving it. I even woke up at 8 to listen to the interview (who am I?!). As I predicted he's taken a Mick Jagger-esque, ballady', slow rock kind of form and I love it. Dare I say it without being culled, this song kind of has Bowie vibes, the vocals are quite strained and anthemic. I like this song but I don't adore it and I think he's done that on purpose, waiting to release the best after the album has come out and that's a smart move and I can't wait. I never thought I'd be talking about an ex member of One Direction in a musically in depth way, but there you go!

How was your Monday?

Treasure Hunt | March

Friday, 7 April 2017

It's a bit of a mixture this month pals, here are the tresures I have collected in March:

Hunger 12 ________________________________________________________________________

One of my best friends works at this magazine as a fashion editior and to support him I bought the latest issue. I love it, it's so thick(hello) and a really different take on high fashion and the shoots are amazing. I'm so proud of Stevie, this will forever be on my coffee table! (when I have one)

Lidl Candied Pineapple ____________________________________________________________

My mum got me these on a whim because she noticed they were vegan and now I just can't get enough they're so yummy! They're just the right amount and sweet and the pineapple is so nice and they're just perfect little bites to have in the evening or, if you're like me; subconciously munch through a whole packet! But it's fruit though so it's fine, right?

Pixi Glow Tonic ___________________________________________________________________

After a few months off the pill my skin kind of went to shit. It became really dry with big pores and hormonal spots and my Lush gentle toner water wasn't cutting it anymore. I've heard of the brand Pixi and the fact it is cruelty free and after some research, thought it was the best choice. I only bought the 10mm to try it out, but I will definitely be purchasing the big one, it's so great for my skin. I use it after I've taken all my make up off in the evening and before I put my moisturiser on in the morning, it sinks into my skin so fast and just adds like this extra layer of smoothness and glow, no wonder it's called glow tonic! I have actually had compiments from people after using this telling me how nice my skin looks so win, win! It also smells really nice and natural, kind of like grass and moss, like you're rubbing moss on your face with a cotton pad, nice. 

Banks // The Altar Vinyl ____________________________________________________________

Not to be dramatic or anything but this album has basically helped me get through these last couple of months, I owe so much to this album. And so,  I decided to buy it on vinyl, I'm very particular when it comes to vinyl purchases and an album really needs to affect me in some way in order for me to purchase it at full price. This was my break up album and every song means something to me, it makes me feel badass when I need it and it makes me cry, the lyrics relate so strongly to my situation it's quite scary, it's basically about breaking up with someone and trying to remain friends. I owe so much to Jillian Rose Banks and her magical music. 

Mr Robot_________________________________________________________________________

I'm halfway through season 2 now and everytime I watch it a get a little more obsessed. It was slow to begin with but now I'm hooked. It reminds me so much of Fight Club with the whole inner monologue thing and the plot twists and even down to the colour palette. I also like now that there's some more strong woman characters. It's dramatic and it makes you think and it's actually scarily close to what could happen in the future, Google's watching us all!

What's your favourite treasure?

Songs for // March

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

March has been a long ass month and because I have spent most of it writing I have been listening to a plentiful array of tunes that have kept me more sane. So a big thank you to some of my favourite artists for releasing albums when I was at my most emotionally fragile (Ed Sheeran) it was a great help crying on the kitchen floor at 2 in the afternoon. No really though this month has been an awsome month for music, lets talk about it:



At first came Stormzy and what a wonderful album it was, it was so much more melodic and poignant than I thought it was going to be and I fell in love with it. To the point that I am considering buying it on vinyl and that's a big deal for me! Blinded by your Grace is just one of those songs that does something to you, it's so uplifting and almost spiritual and the chorus is so catchy you just want to sing it full blast in the shower, which I have been doing, all month!         
Next up I heard about this artist from one of my favourite Youtubers Conan Gray  who listed this song in his monthly favourites. He described it as 'spooky-pop' and 'sounding like Scooby Doo' I couldn't agree more. There's something about the melody and chord sequence that just captures that 80's style, slightly creepy cartoon  feel. That probably doesn't make any sense but if you listen to the song you'll understand (I think).         
I read about Maggie Roger's recently about the story of her reducing Pharell Williams to tears with this song, I wouldn't say it's tear jerking, it's much more powerful than that. I connected wholeheartedly to the lyrics and found myself feeling kind of empowered by it, even though the lyrics are sad there's something about them that is cathartic and up-lifting at the same time. I listened to the whole of her EP and Alaska is defintiely my favourite song but I just love her folky vibe and I can't wait for the album to come out.          

Speaking of empowering songs Sucker is just one of those songs that makes your day better. It's one of those songs that; even on your bad days, you can walk out of the house with your head held high feeling ultimately more badass than before you listened to it 'I'm a sucker for YOUUU oooo oo ooo oooo ooo ooooooo' that is all.          
As an avid and now self proclaimed The 1975-piece-of-trash-fan-girl I tuned into radio 1 at the end of Feb to listen to their new Warchild single. I lay on my bed letting it wash over me in the best possible way and I love it. I know it's a cover and my un-eductaed self still hasn't listened to the original but part of me doesn't really want to now. I think that's how you know a band has done a good cover, when it sounds like it could be there own. I like to listen to this song in the bath surrounded by candles and serenity, try it sometime. 

Oh Ed! He's back and I have to say some of these songs are amazing. I know he's everywhere at the moment and is grating on people a little but you can't not say that he is a master of his craft and his songs are just so tuneful and catchy. Dive is my fave because I like to harmonise to it when I'm cooking stirfry but I also like the message of What do I know and just the whole album in general is just great, in my opinion not as good as + and x but they hold much more nostalgia for me so of course I'm going to favour those.

 Lorde released another song and it caused me to have an un-intentional sit-down-shower where I contemplated life and cried a lil' (round of applause). This song just did something to me, the lyrics are just so, so perfect and encapsulates the relationship you can have with yourself vs the relationship you can have with others. If you haven't listened to this yet, just listen (preferably in the shower) it will change your life. I have never been so excited for an album release since ILIWYSFYASBYSUOI. 

I like Frances and I like her new album, it's tuneful and thoughtful with lovely lyrics, Sublime is uplifting and makes an early morning more bearable, what else do you want really? 

 I read a review of Pixi Geldoff's new album and was meaning to listen to it for ages but I invetibly forgot, I listened to it this month and instantly felt calmer. It's got really heavy Lana vibes and I love it, I'm Yours is my fave because of the relaxing and catchy chorus but I also like Twin Thing but that is just too sad to listen to on a daily basis along with Liability, there's only so many sad songs you can have in one spring playlist ammarite'? 

I heard this song on the NMF playlist on Spotify, which I highly recommend by the way when you don't know what to listen to! I just like the up-beat, summer vibe and the lyrics are cool.

And last but not least a lil' kind of throwback to Ciara's emo days. Creeper have been on my radar for a while and on a night time drive the other day this song came on, the lyrics tho, the lyrics. I did listen to the rest of the album and wasn't too impressed, I think it's a classic case of finding the one song that is completely different to the rest of the album, damn! But this song just took me back to being 14 and writing angsty songs in my room and wearing too much eyeliner, there's something very dramatic about it that I just love, massive MCR vibes and that's fine with me, nothing like a bit of new oldschool emo in your life from time to time!

That was lengthy, March was long and I appear to have collected a lot of music, I hope you give it a listen and enjoy it never the less. I'm having trouble formatting these posts into the best way to read them, I don't know whether to stick with the lines, divide it into paragraphs with these little hyphen things or leave it in one chunky paragraph? I'd love your feedback.