Tuesday, 16 September 2014

A Not So Blue Monday

It's less than a week before I head off to University so this week will be filled with frantic shopping and packing, so to have a relaxed start to the week was wonderful. 

These are the things that made me particularly happy this Monday:

-Beginning a new book (Paper Towns by John Green btw if anyone's interested) 
-Having cuddles with Gareth's dog because she was poorly and now she's not
-Heading down the shore to spend time with my best friends before we all head off to uni this week. During every summer since I can remember me and my friends used to go down on to the shore and light a fire, sit there talking and drinking until we were literally too cold to carry on, then we would get a takeaway and talk all the way home. This year there have only been a few times where we could have done this due to work and all that grown up stuff, we made time to do it one last time though. The beach has been a huge part of mine and my friends life, it's where we used to go before we were allowed to go to pubs, it's where we would spend so many nights together just sitting and talking and laughing and it's quite hard to say goodbye to something so special. But I'm sure we will venture down in December over the Christmas hols (yes December we are that hardcore) It was really nice to see my good ol' pals Emily and Adam before they set off down south to uni but I know that we'll stay in touch. 
-The cheese and pineapple takeaway we got on the way home, because you know; it's tradition
-The TV series called 'Glue' that began on E4 I have decided it's going to be the replacement for the 'skins' shaped hole in my heart. 

How was your Monday ?

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Veggie Friendly Friday

Linda McCartney Fish Free Scampi

The thing is when I ate meat and fish I absolutely hated scampi but I can't get enough of this stuff. They look so much like real scampi, creepily real like with the red line down the back like real scampi hmm. But I do trust the Linda McCartney range and the fact it is illegal to lie on produce packets, I think I'm safe These scampi's are incredibly hard to find. I looked all over Cumbria after trying these and the only place I get it is Sainsburys but only sometimes (I have a feeling they're not too popular) They taste like fish and are a great source of protein, however the texture is rather like chicken but I kind of like this in a strange way (I'm really not selling this too you am I?) They can be eaten as a quick snack or a whole meal. 

I tend to eat them the classic scampi way, with chips and peas and lemon and what not. But they can be eaten in loads of ways such as in a seafood stirfry replacement. I can't get enough of this stuff but I can see that they're not for everyone, it seems to be that fake fish is a step too far. I myself think it's a great idea for us veggies.

See what you think if you can get hold of them. 

Friday, 12 September 2014

Soap & Glory - The Righteous Butter | Review

Bored ? Lost that rubbing feeling? Why not try.. The Righteous Butter! Ah this stuff has been my go-to body moisturiser for a while now. Since my Mum bought me a small pot for Christmas it's all I've been using and as soon as my small pot ran out I bought a giant 300ml to replace it ASAP. I have already talked about this stuff in my monthly favourites which you can read here but I think it now deserves a full review. 

This time last year I was going about my day without using a body butter or body moisturiser (shock horror!) I just didn't see the difference when I used them and thought they were a complete waste of money. But after my Mum bought me the small tester tub of this Righteous Butter for Christmas I haven't turned back. After every shower or bath I apply this all over my body (oo cheeky!) but no really this stuff makes my skin feel so much more well righteous in a way, they were right all along. I especially focus on the backs of my arms and my chest area as these are the driest parts of my body especially after a particularly hot shower I develop these incredibly dry patches of skin, almost like eczema. The backs of my arms also suffer with acute coldness, I don't know why but the backs of my arms are always freezing cold and goose-bumpy, I have no idea what causes it because it's not like a just walk around in vests all day! I think it's either a circulation thing or maybe a pale person thing, do let me know if your arms also suffer with acute coldness. Anyway, adding this body butter to my after shower routine has really calmed down the dry patches and goose bumps which is great. However that isn't the only reason why I re bought this moisturiser. 

I also re bought it for the smell, oh my goodness the smell! I'm terrible at describing smells so I thought I would save you the hassle of my rambling explanation on what it smells like and just research it. According to the Boots website it has aromas of leafy greens, bergamot and mandarin which I would completely agree with because it smells so fresh but as soon as you rub into the skin you get notes of soft, sexy musk, oakmoss, amber and woody notes which will be great for the winter months. The smell and the softness lasts all day, and I have had compliments especially from my boyfriend about smelling so good.

The only small problem I have with this formula is just the time it takes to sink in, I kind of find myself either standing in my bathroom waiting for it to sink in, or I take to lying on bed feeling fresh as a daisy but having to wait to put clothes on. The wait is worth it though because once it has sunk in it instantly dries and you feel so silky soft all day. And even after waking from a nights sleep before showering in the morning your softness still feels band new. As soon as I apply this formula I feel like I will have a better day, it's a little treat for my body that leaves me feeling as righteous as a royal. 


9 moons out of 10

I would love to hear about your experiences with the Righteous Butter if you've used it ?
If not do you want to after this review ?

Monday, 8 September 2014

A Not So Blue Monday

This Monday the things that made me particularly happy were:

- The introvertive morning I had to myself, happily blogging and sleeping 
- The lollipops my mum brought back from my favourite sweet shop for me
- The meal I went to with my friends for a last natter before heading to uni 

- The warm chocolate fudge cake me and Georgia consumed with ice cream mmm

What I listened to:

Coldplay // Death and all of his friends
James Blake // Retrograde
The Smiths // Big mouth strikes again
Two Door Cinema Club // What you know
The Wombats // Patricia the stripper 
Joy Division // Dead souls 
Lewis Watson // Close 
Kodaline // After the fall
Fleetwood Mac // No questions asked 

How was your Monday ?

A Generic Day at the Zoo

This week my Nanna is over from Ireland, because she only comes once a year we decided to do all the 'family day out' activities we could. So it was off to the zoo we went. I'm in two minds about the zoo, I still think in the back of my mind that it is wrong and these animals are not free no matter how natural you make their environment look like. However this particular zoo South Lakes Safari does everything in it's power to make sure that the animals are as happy as they can be, they also do a lot of conservation work for saving animals in Africa and things which I highly agree with, they also do a lot of work with children, educating the younger generation about poaching and the dangers that wild animals face is crucial for change. When feeding the wild cats they hide the food around the enclosure and attach the meat to poles so that they can have a hunting experience, simulating the adrenaline they have in the wild, better than feeding them in a bowl like a domesticated cat. Seeing the animals with my own eyes I can see that they seem content and many have huge enclosures or are allowed to roam free, it is a totally different environment than any other zoo I have been to and you can tell that it isn't all about consuming and more about the animal's welfare.

It was an incredibly sunny day meaning all the animals were in great form having a sunbath and just watching the world go by. The bears displayed their swimming skills and the lemurs were just down right cute.

Look at that cuteness though
Happiest moment of his life
Forever alone

Head scarf - Vintage shop in Eduburgh
Sunglasses - Vintage Shop
Necklaces- Asos
Kimono - Monsoon
Jacket - Love Label

I enjoyed a day at the zoo, despite my moral obligations. I think sometimes it's better to look at the positives even when there are still negatives. It was also really nice to spend quality time with the family.

I would love to hear about your opinions on all things zoo?

Peace and love 

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Songs for September

When writing a list for this blog post I immediately found out two things 1) My music taste is incredibly well lets say all over the place and 2) I cannot round up songs into a list of 10, I just can't do it. Music is such a huge part of my life (not to sound melodramatic) but as I was looking through my iTunes for the perfect set of songs for September, I just found  myself adding to the list more and more, I can't decide. Therefore I think I might start some kind of blog post maybe weekly maybe not about what I listen to, maybe just put my ipod on shuffle when I'm on the move and note down what I'm listening to, it might just be a nice way of sharing what I listen to. I'll skip out all the guilty pleasures *cough Celine Dion cough*

Here are the songs that I find fit the month of September perfectly. The end of summer where everything normally changes, darker nights, saying goodbye and early mornings. 
Some are old, some are new and some are particularly sentimental to this month:

  1. Paolo Nutini // Rewind
  2. The 1975 // Settle Down
  3. Alex Turner // Glass in the Park
  4. Lana Del Rey // Shades of Cool
  5. Alt J // Every Other Freckle
  6. Fleetwood Mac // Silver Springs 
  7. Charlie Simpson // Haunted 
  8. Coldplay // Tattoo
  9. Hozier // From Eden
  10. Bombay Bicycle Club // Luna 

A Not So Blue Monday

This Monday the things that made me particularly happy were:

-Gareth's new glasses, what can I say (perf)
-The walk me and Gareth's dog Domino had, we had a little adventure in the sun 
-The tiramisu we made, the recipe's so easy here you go:

A whole container of whipping cream
Half a bar of milk chocolate 
A whole packet of ladies finger (or almond fingers we found out)
A cafetiere of fine coffee 

1. After the coffee has been cafetiered pour a small amount into a bowl 
2. Dip the cakey fingers in the coffee, make sure they are soaked through but not soggy
3. Whip the whipping cream and add sugar (this according to Gareth makes chantilly cream ooo ) add as much sugar as you want, we made this up 
4. Add some grated chocolate to the mixture 
5. Place the soaked sponge into a nice dish and a tiny bit more coffee (a tiny bit more like)
6. Take the cream and spread ontop of the sponge, smooth down with a spatula 
7. sprinkle the rest of the grated chocolate on top (or if you're like Gareth make fancy chocolate swirls) 
8. Sprinkle a small amount of coffee for decoration and pop in the fridge 

-The night time stroll we had along the beach, I love going down to the beach at night. It's so silent apart from the waves crashing. Don't go down on your own though because you may slip on some seaweed and that wouldn't be pretty. 

That was my Monday
How was yours ?

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Monthly Muses

As you can probably see this month has been a month of beauty favourites and loves, I don't know how this happened seems as I haven't actually spent a great deal of money this month. They all just seemed to mount up and some I've had for a while and found in my collection and just came to love them. 

And a big high five to me for getting this post up before September !

Shall we begin:

1. Simple Triple Action Face Wash (with zinc and chamomile goodness)

 I picked this face wash up in boots at the beginning of last month. Feeling a little let down from my last face wash which you can read the review about here, I was looking for something that could still remove my blemishes but be a little lighter on the skin. After reading the back of this bottle I was ready to buy it. It claims to give you results from day 1 and deeply cleanse, purify and tone your face harsh enough to remove and keep spots away, but gentle enough to be used on sensitive skin. I have been using this face wash for around a month now and have noticed a vast improvement in my skin and the blemishes that spots have left behind, my skin is also so much smoother due to the exfoliant in it, no more sausage roll skin in the winter (you know when your skin decides to reject makeup because it's so cold and kind of creates flakes of pastry skin on your face, not a good look) 

1 ½. Simple Triple Action Spotless Skin Anti Blemish Moisturiser (with zinc and chamomile goodness)  

This is the most recent of these favourites to be added but I was so impressed I had to add it in. Because I found the face wash to be so rewarding from Simple's new skin care range with zinc and chamomile, when I found this little beauty in Bodycare for £2 ! I had to pick it up. And as a predicted it is as good as the face wash. I use this every morning and every night after my face wash and I have found my skin to be so soft after application. It sinks straight into the skin, I also don't use a primer anymore because I find that this covers my pores, softens my skin and keeps my make up on for longer. However because the weather has been quite warm I haven't been wearing a lot of makeup on the face so the real test will come when I wear heavier foundation in the winter and the months of the sausage roll skin (as mentioned above) arrives. I hope this moisturiser becomes a staple, because I have never settled on a moisturiser. 

2. Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Deep Nourishing Intense Mask

I picked up this hair mask for around £2 in superdrug and didn't think anything of it, just something to use when my current conditioner runs out, but was I wrong. The first time I used this stuff I used it as a normal conditioner and the results were good, my ends felt soft and my hair was nourished. The next time I used this I decided to see what it was like as a deep conditioner. I washed my hair as usual and then after conditioning with normal conditioner, I lathered this all over my hair and scalp and then put a shower cap on and waited for 2 hours. After rinsing the mask off I could already feel that my hair was soft, but once I left it to naturally dry I ran my fingers through my hair and it was the softest it had ever felt! Now I deep condition my hair with this every two/three weeks or so, in the meantime I just use it on the ends of my hair to keep them smooth. The smell is also to die for, the coconutty goodness is the best and even after a long time without washing my hair (I wash my hair once a week) it stills smells amazing. No matter how dirty my hair feels it will still smell glorious and that's a big ol' tick in my book.


3. YANKEE CANDLE Pineapple Cilantro Burning Tartlet  

I just love the smell of this stuff. I have a vast selection of Yankee Candle tarts and I love them all dearly. They burn for hours on end and the smell takes a long time to run out. This scent is new and is the perfect relaxing summer smell, it fills up the whole room with pinacolada and holiday vibes. Summer's coming to an end soon so just for those last days burn this and even if it's raining outside you can still have a tropical island in your bedroom.

4. The Body Shop Tea Tree Flawless BB Cream 

Me and this little nifty bottle have had a love hate relationship. When I first bought this BB cream and applied  it I thought it was whey whey too dark for my skin and I quickly left it alone, thinking it was a failure buy. However a few weeks later I stopped using the concealer I had as I found it was too dark for my skin and suddenly had a eureka moment. I applied the BB cream without the concealer and low and behold, it looked like a second skin it was the concealer all along ! Now I can't go out of the house without this cream on my face, it disguises my pores and my blemishes and gives me enough coverage for the day but still looks light and natural. Also the amount you need is minuscule so it lasts for a long time. It also contains tea tree and claims to fix your spots and blemishes as you wear it. I explain to my friends that it's like wearing a see through face mask all day because that's what it feels like you can feel all the good it's doing as well as the coverage it's giving you. However it's the perfect product now but I will maybe need more coverage in the winter although this stuff is buildable. I wonder how it will cope with sausage roll skin ? (there is a sausage roll theme in this blog post sorry)


5. Got2b Oil-licious with Argan Oil Tame and Shine Styling Oil

Because I am on a budget I found that this oil is a great dupe for the Garnier Ultimate Blends the sleek restorer oil which I think is hella expensive for the size of the bottle!
I've always been a little terrified of oils, they look like they'd make your hair so incredibly greasy. But after seeing some reviews of oils and things my hair type looked perfect for oil as it is thick and dries easily into frizz. After seeing the extortionate pricing of the ultimate blends I scoured the shelves for a cheaper alternative when I found this. It looked the same consistency and contained argan oil and at a price of £3.69 it was worth a try.  It is a heat protectant so I squirt a little of this into my hands and just put it on the ends of my hair before straightening or curling, also after I've washed my hair I comb a little of this through before blow drying. I've found that my hair feels silkier and I definitely have less fly-aways and the smell is lovely, so coconutty.


With my hair mask, tartlet and oil I'm going to smell like a walking coconut but there's nothing wrong with that in my eyes!      
I hope you have enjoyed reading about my favourite things this month, sorry they're nearly all beauty related I wouldn't really call my followers beauty bloggers but ah well 
Have you been loving any of these things this month ?
 I'd love to know.

Friday, 29 August 2014

Veggie Friendly Friday

Linda McCartney 1/4 lb Mozzarella Burgers

Ah I love the Linda McCartney brand, I love how wholesome the packaging is and how it tells you a little bit about Linda McCartney and her life. But my favourite thing from the Linda McCartney label are these veggie burgers. You see I'm not really a fan of the all too common 'veggie bean burger' bleurgh ! Who wants to eat a cluster of tasteless beans held together by nothing, bread crumbed and fried, no thank you !
That's why I love these burger because they are a soya based beef style burger, which gives you the solid bite of a beef burger without the beef (obviously) Also what they've also done the wee geniuses is added a hunk load of mozzarella cheese into the burger to add to the texture and the taste to make it chewer, so it doesn't fall apart like a bean burger. 

The only problem about these burgers for some vegetarians is the texture. Many people who have turned vegetarian don't like to eat what some people call 'meat substitutes' when the food looks like an actual piece of meat. This burger has this flaw, when I first bought these I was worried about this because the texture of meat makes me a little sick and I didn't find it very ethical as a veggie to eat something that looks exactly like what I'm trying to get away from. But once I tried it I was hooked, the burger doesn't taste like meat, more like a big, hot chunk of cheese in bread mmm but with more solidness to it.

 It is also an exceptional source of protein and iron for all those almost anemic people out there like me. Even if you're not a vegetarian these burgers are a great healthy alternative from the normal fatty beef ones. They fill you up all day and like a normal burger you can have it for lunch or dinner. When my friends are having a barbecue I always tend to bring these along with me because you can barbecue them and they are a great alternative. I usually eat these burgers in a roll with salad and mayo served with chips normally or on its own with fried onions.

I would urge all of you bean burger haters to try this one because you will never go back ! 

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

A Not So Blue Monday

This Monday was a little strange, filled with crosses and quilts more on that later. Here are the things that made me particularly happy this Monday:

-The lie in and lazy morning I got to spend with my Mum
-The quilt exhibition and workshop we visited and now I want to make quilts to wrap myself in when it gets colder. I definitely going to have a go at making them. 
-The little rats we saw at pets at home that stole my heart away
-The veggie wrap from McDonalds I consumed 
-The strange walk we went on that we'd never been before: A local man has recently (without planning permission) constructed a 9ft crucifix on the top of the slag banks in a local town near by to commemorate his wife. The council have already told him to take it down, so we wanted to go and see it for ourselves before it's gone (things like this are exciting in Cumbria) I myself find it a little oppressing and strange but there is nice sentiment behind it as local people have started attaching pad locks to the monument and writing their loved ones names on them which I think is lovely. The view itself was beautiful and the grey clouds and close atmosphere made for a very moody and effective photo. 

How was your Monday ?