Tuesday, 28 October 2014

A Not So Blue Monday

Well it's been a long ol' time since I've done one of these! I've just been so busy with uni and making new friends and settling in and work and assignments etc. but I'm here now for another Monday post (even though it's Tuesday)

I have decided to change this wee blog post, just a little. You see this post normally documents my Mondays, just one day and what I do on that day. But due to the fact that ever Monday I have a day full of lectures until around 5 o'clock or later, I can't fit anything in that's worth posting. Because of this I have decided to make this post a round up of my week and express all the little and big things that happened for the whole week. I just think it will be more exciting for you to read and it wont be as monotonous as a post about every Monday, me going to my lectures, going home, doing work and sleeping oh how exciting !

The things that made me particularly happy this week are:

- Spontaneous nights out with friends, well isn't that what uni's about? I quiet drink turns into you rolling home at 4 in the morning.
 -  The amount of tomato soup I have actually eaten, it's Autumn and I'm excited, okay?
- The little cluster of vintage and antique shops I came upon. It's so magical, like a tiny village crammed into an old church and the clothes and the collectibles are to die for.

- The beautiful walk I took in the local park with my camera, you can look at these here
- The fact I went shopping and a two week shop only came to around £20 (bargain hunter here)
- I obtained a job at a local retail store (yeyyy I can feed myself)
- The fact that Made in Chelsea is back but what the hell are these outfits and hats at the moment ?! Get your shit together Proudlock!
- That it's getting colder and I can layer up and not feel stuffy anymore 
- The banana cake/bread I made from scratch, even though I thought it was disgusting my flat mates loved it (I know it looks burnt but it was real nice, apparently)

- I'm finally catching up on the new American Horror Story 
- The fact it's a reading week this week so I get to go home for a few days and cuddle my cats 

What I have been listening to:

Alt J // This is all yours (the whole album)
George Ezra // Barcelona 
Johnny Cash // Like a Soldier 
James Bay // If You Ever Want to be in Love
Hozier // From Eden 

How was your Monday ?

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Monthly Muses

As you can probably see this months favourites are a little, lets say mixed. I didn't do one of these posts last month because I basically had nothing new to show for it (hashtag studentlife) and I hadn't really picked up anything that I thought was amazing, yep last month was full of plastic wallets, pens and printer ink oh how fun!  But this month I have managed to gather a few things, I wouldn't say they are new, but I would say they are my faves at the moment, I also have a few more things that aren't in this image (naughty) to add to the end.

Shall we begin:

1.Dove Refresh + Care Dry Shampoo 

I picked this up on a whim when my current dry shampoo ran out, I was looking at the price of the Batiste range and I believe that the price now just doesn't live up to the product. I used to use Batiste because it was easy and cheap, however after using other dry shampoo's it really isn't the best. After tutting to myself at how expensive Batiste is now I came across this bottle on the shelf underneath and decided to buy it, as it was only around £2 ! I love the stuff, you spray it into the roots of your hair and it instantly volumises and softens, it also doesn't leave any white marks (unlike Batiste) and I find the smell a lot more clean and refreshing. I think this will have to be a repurchase for the price and the quality. 

2. The Guardian Weekend Magazine

This is not a new favourite for me, I've been reading The Guardian magazine for as long as I remember, but now I'm at uni it has come in so handy. I always think that The Guardian has a bad stigma of being this upper class, pretentiously written newspaper, but that is far from the truth, the magazine that is released every weekend is full of interesting articles and interviews, with different sections and topics to suit everyone be it beauty, politics, fashion, gardening, cooking, it's like a huge lifestyle blog with pages! Now I'm at Uni me and my Mum have this little dynamic going on, she'll save the magazines she buys and then send me them in a chunk so I have so much to read and catch up on. So next time you walk past The Guardian stall in your local newsagents, just pick up The Weekend, you don't have to read the newspaper, God there's no time for that give it to a parent they'll enjoy it honestly. But blogger to blogger, go on give it a read, it will change your perception of the 'pretentious' Guardian.  

3. Primark Pyjama Bottoms 

Need I say more. Affordable pyjama bottoms that are as soft as a babies bum and just look at that tartan!

4. A Stapler Shaped like a Whale 

My Mum bought this for me as a going to uni gift from Tiger. It's shaped like a whale, but it's a stapler and it makes stapling work so rewarding. Good one Mum!

5. Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water 

Yep, I've fallen out with wipes they just clog up your skin even more. I picked this up due to curiosity really and a few blog posts that I read on it and I can safely say it has saved my skin from red raw rubbing. You just take a cotton pad, sprinkle some of this on and remove all your makeup in one sweep. It's a miracle! and I wish I purchased it sooner. 

6. Barry M Gelly Autumnal Range 

Aren't the colours just the greatest ?! I had too treat myself to these and the good news is that there is now more from the range that I need in my life. I picked up the colour 'cocoa' which is a dark brown with little tinge of purple, it looks gorgeous on the nails and is perfect for this season. I also picked up colour 'cardamom' which is like a muted green, I love nail varnish that isn't too bright but can still catch your eye sometimes and it's also an unusual colour for me to wear but I've fallen in love with it.I also love the Barry M Gelly range so much, the varnish just glides on and after 2 coats it's finished, it also lasts forever and when it is chipped you can easily just top it up and it sinks right in. 

7. Alt J - This is All Yours

Can you fall in love with an album ? Because I think I'm having an affair if so. I've been a huge fan of these boys since they began, I love how they combine physics and music together to make the most beautiful sounds. This album (as all good second albums should) has matured vastly, you can tell that the band have thought about every single track, the lyrics are so poetic and the riffs are to die for, I'm also glad they kept the Indian vibe for one song, that made me very happy indeed. The album gives me this strange feeling in the back of my neck and I love how they've connected both albums creating a 'bloodlfood pt 2' I could sit there for hours and listen to both, one after the other, on repeat, forever. I'm getting too passionate now I'll shut up. 

8. American Horror Story - Freak Show 

The highlight to my Halloween every year, this year they've brought us a circus setting with clowns and the lot. Yes a terrifying clown that murders people and keeps them in cages and doesn't speak and has a huge secret, a clown that is so terrifying he invaded my dreams the other night my God ! I love all the characters so far but I don't think this year will beat 'Coven' for me, I'll just have to wait patiently and try not to get murdered by clowns in the meantime. 

Oo there you go, two sneaky extras to indulge in, I don't own physical copies because (hashtag studentlife)
What have you been loving this month ? 

Friday, 24 October 2014

An Autumnal Walk in the Park

I've probably expressed how much I love autumn on this blog before but I'll say it again, I love the season that is autumn. And I love nothing more than quiet, crisp walks with my camera. Because I've moved to a new place I've been exploring my surroundings, I already knew about this park but have never been able to explore properly, I headed down to a place I've never been before where there were open spaces full of trees and small walks and paths down to the river. Here are some of the snaps I managed to capture when the sun was coming down, I forgot how beautiful autumn was.


Do you love autumn as much as me ?

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Dear September/October...

What can I say ? These couple have months have given me some changes. I should probably
 start with moving to uni, even though I've only moved 20 miles away from home it did take the same mental stimulation to be okay with the idea. I went through stages of telling myself I had made the wrong choice, 'you should have moved further away' or 'you should just not go to uni at all, think of the dept and the effort'. I wasn't too bothered about these thoughts though, everyone goes through these moments of doubt and I just shoved them to the back of my mind. I'm so glad I made this decision, I don't care if I moved 20 miles or 200 miles I see it as being the same thing, I still feel homesick, I still need to provide for myself, I still need to cook and clean for myself and I still need to get used to a cat-less bed. The only difference is that I already knew where everything was which was so useful when you have a flat full of people from the south. It also helped me settle in faster, knowing that I just have an hour and a half bus journey home. 
The first two weeks of uni were a blur, freshers was the most fun and I felt myself turning into a social butterfly which is completely surprising because I normally keep myself to my self, however I thought that I am going to uni and I might aswell seize every opportunity I can get to socialize. I hardly took any photos of freshers on my phone just because I was completely living in the moment, I did however have a disposable with me so I can't wait to get those developed. After freshers had settled down I found myself being torpedoed into this new way of academic thinking, having taken a gap year and a photography course I completely forgot about maths and essays and such, I was just used to taking photos and writing about them. After the initial shock I've learned to love my new course and all the new things I'm learning and even the essays because the subjects are so interesting. I also have seemed to have found myself a little job on the cards, just weekends in a well known retail store, I love working in retail and I have a slight obsession with buttons on tills so I think this job will be alright. 

I'm so glad it's October now, although this October's going pretty differently than last year. Normally I would be having late evening walks with Gareth and Domino up the woods, I kind of miss that. But I know that we will get to do it again because I'm going home pretty soon. I'm getting into a routine now which is always a good thing and I completed my first clothes wash the other day with no hiccups. Walking through town with a newly purchased clothes horse has to be  the most adult thing I've ever done. Things have changed and I'm surprised I'm okay with it. This week will consist of essays and gallons of tomato soup, but I'm not complaining I kind of love this new lifestyle. 

How have your months been lately ?

Friday, 17 October 2014

The Sweater Weather (or jumper if you're British) Tag

Ah Autumn ! You have always been my favourite season, maybe it's the layers, the crunchy leaves, the bonfires or even the fact that my hair colour is always in when this season comes around. I currently am still settling into uni and trying to be a complete social butterfly (which has surprised me too don't worry) I also have 2 essays due in 2 weeks, I'm not used to all these deadlines so I'm working hard this week. I decided to do this wee tag post just because of ease and I love answering these even though they are seen to be a bit old school now. 

Without further ado we shall crack on:

1- Favourite candle scent ?
mmm I love anything spicy, literally can't stand sweet scented candles. I think my favourtite at the moment (even though I'm not allowed candles at uni boo hiss!) is probably Yankee Candle's new scent 'spiced orange' citrus and cinnamon is an absolute win for me. Second to that I would also choose Yankee Candle's 'home sweet home' it is the definition of comfort with notes of chai and cinnamon. I also like scents with either fig or coconut all year round. 
2- Coffee, tea or hot chocolate ?

Seems as I now can't have caffeine which is such a shame, I tend to resort to a warming spicy chai tea or when I need a little pick me a small hot chocolate, I can't drink a whole one. Little trick; when in Starbucks order a children's hot chocolate, it is loads cheaper and it comes in this dinky mug and it's just all round perfect if you just need a little comforter but you don't want that sickly, ill feeling from too much chocolate.

3- What's the best autumn memory you have ?
Walking through the local woods, flask of tea in hand, Dr Martens laced up, leaves under my feet, Gareth by my side, a dog lead round my neck and a camera over my shoulder.    
 4- Which makeup trend do you prefer: Dark lips or winged eyeliner ?
Can I say both ? I would probably wear winged eyeliner more but I am starting to become more confident in the dark lipstick spectrum. 

5- Best fragrance for autumn ?
I'm a skint uni student at the moment so I'm currently wearing a thing called febreze. Joking obviously, I would probably say lady gaga's 'fame' It's so dark and musky, perfect for crisp autumnal days.  
6- Favourite thanksgiving food ?
Seems as I'm British and don't celebrate Thanksgiving I'm just going to class this as 'favourite autumn food?' Which of course would be mashed potato. 
7- What is autumn weather like where you live ?

Either torrential English rain (which I love by the way) or crisp sunny mornings which soon turn into cold windy afternoons, but what I love for are the autumnal evenings, where the sun is low in the sky and darkness is just around the corner, you can be walking in broad daylight and then you'll blink and it will be nighttime, I kind of like that in a weird way. 
8- Most worn sweater/jumper ?

Probably this long grey number I have, it goes with everything, it's ultra cosy and goes with every single scarf I own. I also tend to steal Gareth's jumpers because I love men's autumn and winter fashion, I also love anything baggy.
9- Must have nail polish this autumn ?

I only wear Barry M and I am so excited for their autumn collection, the colours are amazing from burnt orange to a leafy, pale green. I'm actually going to pick some up tomorrow I can't not have autumn nails. 

10- Football games or jumping in leaf piles ?

Leaf piles, me ? football ? pffft!
11- Skinny jeans or leggings ?

Skinny jeans, black preferably 
12- Combat boots or Uggs ?

Dr Martens obviously 

13- Is pumpkin spice worth the hype ?

I don't drink coffee and you can only get it in coffee so I will never know (sad face)

14- Favourite autumn TV Show ?

American Horror Story ! So excited !

15- What song really gets you into the autumn spirit ?

Anything Bombay Bicycle Club, James Blake, Tom Odell or Ben Howard and obviously anything Fleetwood Mac or The Smiths because well, Fleetwood Mac and The Smiths. 

I hope this post wasn't too boring I'll be back on form soon I promise.
I tag anyone who wants to do this tag it is quite fun

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Uni Room and Campus Tour

Hello again, it's been a long time and I can only apologise I've been settling in at uni, enjoying freshers and the company of my lovely new flat mates. But here I am back for good, I've missed posting on Mondays and well just posting things in general, I haven't touched my camera in over a month but I have been taking disposables and having a right ol' good time. Uni's great, it couldn't have gone better so far. Being at uni and being close to home is the absolute best of both worlds, I have my own independent living but I know if anything goes wrong or I just need a cuddle with a cat I can just travel 20 miles and I'll be back home. I've fallen in love with my course already and for the first time since my Alevels I feel like I really should be here and it feels right. I decided to take some pictures of my uni room for all you nosey people out there and some of the campus because, well it's just such a beautiful building. 

 The campus where I'm studying psychology is an old war time hospital, the architecture is so inspiring and I 
really want to take a little sketch book out there on a Sunday morning when no one's around. Because it used to be a hospital the corridors are huge and there are some incredibly creepy rooms. Fun fact ! I was actually born in this particular building just in the room with the three windows to the right, weird!

 The campus consists of three main study buildings, which were all part of the old  hospital. A newer building nicknamed 'the learning gateway' this building consists of three floors of bean bags and study space for those quiet essay writing days. There is also a bar on campus where the drinks are dirt cheap and a gym which to your surprise I haven't ventured in yet. 

The campus also has a small chapel which is so cute, consisting of a piano and alter. I am no Christian but I would love to have a little look around here one day just because it looks so cute. The actual halls where I'm living at the moment are just to the right of the chapel in this picture. Honestly it is the best thing ever to just get out of bed and venture to a lecture which is literally around the corner and I love how close they are to the town centre too.

The halls are simple but lovely, they consist of 3 blocks of flats going up to 13 so there are many residence living in one place which is great for socialising and also spying on people from the kitchen hee hee. There is also a lovely courtyard with seats and lots of plants where you can sit and watch the world go by. And there is also a resident cat that comes and visits which makes it so much better. 

I tried to make my room as homely as possible without it being cluttered, I cant settle somewhere if it doesn't feel homely. I brought lots of things from home even though I live a short while away but I wanted to feel like I was actually moving out. I love everything about the room apart from the colour scheme, peachy pink walls, blue floor and dark blue curtains aren't really my idea of fun but I think I have made it work and I'm starting to get used to it now. 

Gareth visited on a particularly bad day last week (I hate student finance) we just bumped into eachother in the street. He took me to a market and bought me the most beautiful flowers that completed my room so perfectly, they were all my favourite kinds of flowers and I love the white and green combination, they were so big I had to steal the biscuit jar from the kitchen to put them in, sorry flat mates!

 I'm really loving uni right now, I love where I'm living and who I'm living with. I don't actually care that I didn't travel miles from home, it still feels the same, I'm proud of myself for making this decision and I have a feeling I wont be changing my mind anytime soon. 

Have any of you just started University ?
How do you feel ?
How far did you go? 

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

A Not So Blue Monday

It's less than a week before I head off to University so this week will be filled with frantic shopping and packing, so to have a relaxed start to the week was wonderful. 

These are the things that made me particularly happy this Monday:

-Beginning a new book (Paper Towns by John Green btw if anyone's interested) 
-Having cuddles with Gareth's dog because she was poorly and now she's not
-Heading down the shore to spend time with my best friends before we all head off to uni this week. During every summer since I can remember me and my friends used to go down on to the shore and light a fire, sit there talking and drinking until we were literally too cold to carry on, then we would get a takeaway and talk all the way home. This year there have only been a few times where we could have done this due to work and all that grown up stuff, we made time to do it one last time though. The beach has been a huge part of mine and my friends life, it's where we used to go before we were allowed to go to pubs, it's where we would spend so many nights together just sitting and talking and laughing and it's quite hard to say goodbye to something so special. But I'm sure we will venture down in December over the Christmas hols (yes December we are that hardcore) It was really nice to see my good ol' pals Emily and Adam before they set off down south to uni but I know that we'll stay in touch. 
-The cheese and pineapple takeaway we got on the way home, because you know; it's tradition
-The TV series called 'Glue' that began on E4 I have decided it's going to be the replacement for the 'skins' shaped hole in my heart. 

How was your Monday ?

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Veggie Friendly Friday

Linda McCartney Fish Free Scampi

The thing is when I ate meat and fish I absolutely hated scampi but I can't get enough of this stuff. They look so much like real scampi, creepily real like with the red line down the back like real scampi hmm. But I do trust the Linda McCartney range and the fact it is illegal to lie on produce packets, I think I'm safe These scampi's are incredibly hard to find. I looked all over Cumbria after trying these and the only place I get it is Sainsburys but only sometimes (I have a feeling they're not too popular) They taste like fish and are a great source of protein, however the texture is rather like chicken but I kind of like this in a strange way (I'm really not selling this too you am I?) They can be eaten as a quick snack or a whole meal. 

I tend to eat them the classic scampi way, with chips and peas and lemon and what not. But they can be eaten in loads of ways such as in a seafood stirfry replacement. I can't get enough of this stuff but I can see that they're not for everyone, it seems to be that fake fish is a step too far. I myself think it's a great idea for us veggies.

See what you think if you can get hold of them. 

Friday, 12 September 2014

Soap & Glory - The Righteous Butter | Review

Bored ? Lost that rubbing feeling? Why not try.. The Righteous Butter! Ah this stuff has been my go-to body moisturiser for a while now. Since my Mum bought me a small pot for Christmas it's all I've been using and as soon as my small pot ran out I bought a giant 300ml to replace it ASAP. I have already talked about this stuff in my monthly favourites which you can read here but I think it now deserves a full review. 

This time last year I was going about my day without using a body butter or body moisturiser (shock horror!) I just didn't see the difference when I used them and thought they were a complete waste of money. But after my Mum bought me the small tester tub of this Righteous Butter for Christmas I haven't turned back. After every shower or bath I apply this all over my body (oo cheeky!) but no really this stuff makes my skin feel so much more well righteous in a way, they were right all along. I especially focus on the backs of my arms and my chest area as these are the driest parts of my body especially after a particularly hot shower I develop these incredibly dry patches of skin, almost like eczema. The backs of my arms also suffer with acute coldness, I don't know why but the backs of my arms are always freezing cold and goose-bumpy, I have no idea what causes it because it's not like a just walk around in vests all day! I think it's either a circulation thing or maybe a pale person thing, do let me know if your arms also suffer with acute coldness. Anyway, adding this body butter to my after shower routine has really calmed down the dry patches and goose bumps which is great. However that isn't the only reason why I re bought this moisturiser. 

I also re bought it for the smell, oh my goodness the smell! I'm terrible at describing smells so I thought I would save you the hassle of my rambling explanation on what it smells like and just research it. According to the Boots website it has aromas of leafy greens, bergamot and mandarin which I would completely agree with because it smells so fresh but as soon as you rub into the skin you get notes of soft, sexy musk, oakmoss, amber and woody notes which will be great for the winter months. The smell and the softness lasts all day, and I have had compliments especially from my boyfriend about smelling so good.

The only small problem I have with this formula is just the time it takes to sink in, I kind of find myself either standing in my bathroom waiting for it to sink in, or I take to lying on bed feeling fresh as a daisy but having to wait to put clothes on. The wait is worth it though because once it has sunk in it instantly dries and you feel so silky soft all day. And even after waking from a nights sleep before showering in the morning your softness still feels band new. As soon as I apply this formula I feel like I will have a better day, it's a little treat for my body that leaves me feeling as righteous as a royal. 


9 moons out of 10

I would love to hear about your experiences with the Righteous Butter if you've used it ?
If not do you want to after this review ?

Monday, 8 September 2014

A Not So Blue Monday

This Monday the things that made me particularly happy were:

- The introvertive morning I had to myself, happily blogging and sleeping 
- The lollipops my mum brought back from my favourite sweet shop for me
- The meal I went to with my friends for a last natter before heading to uni 

- The warm chocolate fudge cake me and Georgia consumed with ice cream mmm

What I listened to:

Coldplay // Death and all of his friends
James Blake // Retrograde
The Smiths // Big mouth strikes again
Two Door Cinema Club // What you know
The Wombats // Patricia the stripper 
Joy Division // Dead souls 
Lewis Watson // Close 
Kodaline // After the fall
Fleetwood Mac // No questions asked 

How was your Monday ?