Friday, 27 February 2015

Ray of Sunshine // A Lush Surprise ☼

Last week I was given this little box of lushness as a little surprise from Gareth. I haven't been to Lush since Christmas so I didn't know what scents and fragrances they had in. The box these came in was a bright yellow with smiley suns on (what's not to love) Gareth knows because I live in uni halls I can't use my beloved bathbombs, so he opted for a shower gel pack instead. The pack includes the famous 'olive branch' shower gel, a 'sandstone' soap, a mini sugar scrub and an 'each peach' massage bar. A lovely mix of gentle exfoliation and citrus smells. 

Shower Gel // The Olive Branch 

'A shower gel loaded with Fair Trade olive oil, fresh mandarins, bergamot oil and vine leaves: it's like showering in a Mediterranean citrus grove.' 

Yes Lush I agree it is! Even though the gels a little watery the smell makes up for it. The smell takes me back to festival season, to incense and the outdoors, whenever I smell my skin it takes me back to tents and some of the best memories, talk about an emotional connection to a smell! The shower gel is powerful but also really moisturising, I guess it's the oil in the ingredients. The smell also stays on you for ages, you can have had a shower hours ago and you can still smell the citrus on the skin, it might not to be everyone's taste that very powerful smell, but it works for me. 


'An uplifting and skin-smoothing citrus soap, with buckets of sand and a lemony scent to transport you to a tropical beach.' 

I love the smell of this soap it's so fresh (great for hangover showers) The sand in the soap is great for exfoliation, especially dry hands and the it's very durable, it will probably last me a few months or more. 

Sugar Scrub Mini

'Scrub up nicely with this mix of sugar, grated ginger and fresh fennel that brightens, buffs and boosts circulation.'

At first whilst using this I felt the sensation to be really strange and it kind of hurt on the skin, but after abit of practice I've found that scrubbing gently makes all the difference. I use this on the dry patches of my skin like the back of my arms and legs (ew) and it really has done a whole lot of difference. I don't use it often because I don't think it's made for that but it's great for a real pamper night. 

Each Peach (And Two's a Pair)

' A cocoa butter and citrus oil massage bar to make your skin peachy: lime, sweet wild orange, mandarin and grapefruit will leave you energised.' 

This is great for a night of pampering and you can't imagine the smoothness after freshly shaved legs. The smell is amazing and peachy smells are one of my favourites. My advice to you, if you have a significant other ask them to give you a back massage with this, you'll never not use it again!

I think my favourite out of this little box of sunshine is probably the massage bar and the shower gel, just because they're so fresh scented and are really getting me in the mood for spring! I urge you all to buy a little but a lush once in a while, they're so friendly, charitable and not to mention vegan. I hope you enjoyed this little review post, haven't done one in a while.

What's your favourite Lush product?

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

A Not So Blue Monday

After a week at home where I really should have been working it's been go, go, go with Uni work. I literally have so may deadlines it's kind of making my skin itch. Here's the things that have made me particularly happy this week:

-Sampling home cooked mashed potato for the first time in forever, nothing beats it honestly!
-Knowing that Gareth's birthday present will hopefully arrive on time, the amount of stress I have had over this thing, he better like it!
-New Soap and Glory makeup to add to my collection, I would say I was having a makeup affair but there's been no other makeup that I love more, plus they are one of the only companies in Boots which can say that they don't test on animals, holla to that!
-The fact that the Gone Girl film was just as good as the book and it was just how I imagined it would be, don't you just love it when that happens ?!
-On pancake day me and Gareth tried to make pictures out of pancakes like this fella we saw on youtube and some of them I would say, were quite successful!
-The fact that I have a full fridge and full cupboards from a good ol' food shop and nearly everything is healthy! I can't move for spinach and halloummi cheese. 
-The feeling of not having work the next day, therefore you can get blind drunk and roll in at 5am, that was me this weekend.
-The fact that 2 of my assignments are done and dusted, phew only six more to go!
-After watching whiplash I think it may be my new favourite film, that drumming tho.

What I have been listening to:
George the Poet is my new discovery, he's so articulate in his lyrics and the songs are just so emotional and poetic (hence the name) It's such good 'lie on your bed and don't do anything but think' music.  

How was your Monday?

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Home for a Little While

Reading Week. What even is that word though ? 'Stuff your face and sleep week' maybe. It's been so wonderful to come home and re-generate before a busy week of 2000 word reports and nerve racking presentations. Basically most of this week has been full of fresh air and muddy boots, which I have missed more than I thought I would. I didn't realise how much sea air helps a cluttered head. I took some photos (On the shitty camera on my phone) on our little walks which I thought I would share.

How did you spend your reading week/half term? 
(Probably study which I didn't do, oops)

Saturday, 14 February 2015

An Alternate Valentines Day

Yes this is a kind of, sort of anti Valentine's Day post, just a warning! Since I've been with Gareth (3 years) we've never really been the romantic types, well that's un-fair; we've never been the conventional romantic types. I would certainly prefer a night in with a home cooked meal than a night out in a posh, expensive restaurant and I would definitely prefer a personal, home-made gift than a Pandora charm or MK watch. (This is not shunning people who prefer that by the way they just aren't for my taste) Maybe this is why me and Gareth are Valentine's haters, I think the main thing that I hate about Valentine's day is the commercialization of it all, the pressure people feel to have to buy their loved one a very expensive gift on that very day or they will get looked down on forever. Or the pressure people who are single feel on hating on the world that exact day, like 'you are single you must be in a bad mood all day, you must watch films on your own, you must feel sad, feel sad!' Shops are filled with signs just shouting 'buy this card it's bigger' 'buy this bunch of flowers, they're brighter' 'buy this red lingerie, it's more slimming' I just think it's another day made only to steal people's money for things that are normally vulgarly red and not very much use in any other time of the year. Also my other complete gripe I have with this day is surely if you love someone that much, you don't need to wait for a certain day to come around to shower them with gifts and sweet nothings, it should be all year round. Just the little things all through the year should be enough I don't understand the pressure that people feel to please. That's why when the inevitable moonpig adverts come on the telly and roses go up in price, we hide until it is all over, we get eachother gifts but they're normally incredibly sarcastic, we like to deface cards and laugh at the multiple pictures of rose petals on beds and champagne on facebook. That's what makes our valentines day, other people's sillyness, I'm maybe being a little harsh but come on, you can be just as happy with a takeaway, a film and a glass of wine okay! We also have a tradition of getting a pot noodle on the day and eating it together, we don't know where this came from but we love telling people and watching their faces in confusion. 

I hate Valentine's Day but I love tradition and pot noodles, so I can't be too much of a hater, I don't even know what this post is about, I'm cofused on whether I like this day or not, so you probably are as well. I just think we should maybe dumb it down a little, it should be special, but so should everyday, just saying. 

What are your feelings about Valentine's day?


Tuesday, 10 February 2015

A Not So Blue Monday

I said I would do work today, did it happen? No it really did not, due to a thing called friends and catch up TV. Ah well there's always tomorrow. Here are the things that have made me particularly happy this week:

-Broadchurch, plot twist after plot twist I just can't contain myself!
-Being able to play a full song on guitar, this is an extreme milestone for me and it makes me so proud of myself.
-Meditation, I have this new app on my phone which has quick meditating exercises and I do one a night before I go to bed. It might be just me and a complete placebo but it feels like it might be working, I've been waking up in better moods recently.
-Knowing that I am able to withstand a full night out on the wine and still be able to function at work the next day, now that requires skill in itself.
-The fact that the second season of Orange is the New Black is my world right now.
-I finished Gone Girl and even though I literally didn't want to come to the end, I enjoyed it so much I can now watch the film which I am looking forward to.
-The Bafta and Grammy's binge we completed tonight instead of going to a packed, sports themed pub quiz. I personally think we made the right decision.

What I have been listening to this week:

Kodaline Everything, because Kodaline and new album = sheer joy.

How was your Monday?

Sunday, 8 February 2015

'Your room reminds me of a greenhouse'

Just before my lovely friend Char walked into my room and acknowledged my plants sitting pretty on the windowsill. She said that my room always reminds her of a greenhouse which made me just well up with so much goodness and pride for my small menagerie of plants. When I think of greenhouses I always think about air and light and freshness and for someone to say that the place in which I inhabit reminds them of somewhere so peaceful and close to nature just makes me beam. It's not that I was aiming to have this kind of plant-zen in my room, but it has appeared to happen and I am not complaining. My flat mates always say that one day I wont be able to get into my room because of the jungle that has grown there! I love them for that, for thinking I'm some kind of mad plant, hippy lady that lives in a jungle, it's the vibe I was going for guys!

I am going to continue to grow my garden until my windowsill can't possibly fit anymore on, I love the feeling of having something living in my room and I do completely and utterly agree that plants give out good vibes, I always feel more positive when I open the curtains to be greeted by these little beauties! Someone the other day told me that apparently were not allowed to have plants in halls (I have no idea why) If that is so I shall fight to the death for my garden/jungle.   

Just a little post about my adoration for anything foliage at the moment. 

Monday, 2 February 2015

Monthly Muses

This month has been full of trying to get warm and trying to get through the hefty work load I have been given. But I have still had time to enjoy myself and spend a little bit of money, here is the result. 

 1, H&M Drop jumper in mustard yellow 

I never really wear incredibly bright colours (yes I would call that bright) I'm more of a monochrome and grey kinda girl. But I bought this jumper sometime last month and can't seem to take it off, it suits my hair, it's so comfortable (what else do you need in a jumper) and a perfect colour for autumn/winter. 

2. Montigue (Monty) The Money Tree

I'm beginning to develop quite the green house in my university room and hopefully Monty might actually grow some money, that would be rather nice. 

3. BooHoo Pinafore dress in black 

The easiest dress to wear over almost anything and perfect for winter when you want to wear a dress but it's too cold outside, just throw a jumper on and wear it on top, I've literally been living in it! 

4. Flow 2015 Diary

I fell in love with this website and when I found out they made annual diaries I had to get one. The design is so pretty and it contains little pictures and places to take notes and oh my it's just so lovely with different patterns for each week and a little envelope in the back to keep things in and oh, did I mention it comes with incredibly cute stickers ?! (I get too excited over organisational equipment) 

5. Soap and Glory eyebrow pencil and pen in Brownie Points

I've been on the search for the perfect eyebrow tint technique and I think I may have found it. The pencil has two sides to it a tinting pen and a pencil to fill in and shape. It makes eyebrows look filled but still natural and that's why I like it so much. The only thing is that the colour is just not quite right for me, not noticeable but not quite right, if they brought out a version for red heads that would be great. 


6. Garnier Ultimate Blends Sleek Restorer Perfector Oil 

Can I just say that this stuff has done wonders to my hair! After washing I pump just 2 of these into my hand and rub it through the ends of my hair. It protects from heat and makes my hair silky smooth and shiny, even when it's curly it looks sleeker, I couldn't praise it enough. You can also use it on dry hair to protect from heat when you're styling which is really useful, as soon as you place the heat on the hair the oil soaks into the hair and instantly dries with the heat. (I'm terrible with descriptions but trust me it's great)

7. Halloumi  Cheese 

Yes this is strange but I can't get enough, being a veggie this is a great meat substitute and is so tasty with any meal or just as a snack. Literally I'm obsessed, had to take an emergency trip to the shop because I had none left, a very unhealthy relationship with a very healthy cheese. 

8. Orange is the New Black 

I started watching this with Gareth at the beginning of last month and we've now almost finished season 1! I can't get enough I love all of the cast and the story line is great. Filled the Breaking Bad shaped hole in my heart and I think I even like  this more.

What have you been loving this month ?

Saturday, 31 January 2015

Everything's Gone White

It's that inevitable time of year for Cumbria when we draw back our curtains to find an altered universe all dressed in white, everything stops, classes and jobs get cancelled, people dare to actually go outside without a purpose only to build something that will only last for not even a day and hot chocolates from Starbucks go up in sale. I am fond of snow and still to this day I get a little bubble of excitement when I see those white rooftops, what I am not fond of is snowballs they are the worst invention ever to be made out of something so delicate and beautiful. And when you're trying to take pictures in a park, the last thing you want is little oiks aiming at you! (a message to all you little shits that skipped school to throw snowballs at innocent park dwellers) I loved my little walk in white wonderland and I've chosen some of my best photos to share.

The campus in the morning

It's strange what you find hanging off trees 

Un-touched snow is the best kind of snow

These are a real contrast to the photos I took a few months ago in the same location. 
I really enjoyed my little snowy walk by myself, it was so peaceful (apart from the little shits with snow balls)
Do you enjoy the snow as much as me ?


Wednesday, 28 January 2015

A Not So Blue Monday

Yes it is Wednesday and yes I fail at blogging, but these are the things that have made me particularly happy this week:

-The walk me and Gareth took around the back alleys of Carlisle and the Cathedral, it's such a lovely city, full of huge red brick houses and little nooks and crannys and every time I go on a walk I find something new, for a small city it does have its surprises. 

-Orange is the New Black, I'm obsessed, first season is nearly done and dusted with already!
-Going out with the girls and boys from home and having endless cocktails 
-The fact that Broadchurch second series is already better than the first sereis (I never thought I would say that)
-Meeting up with my best chum Emily before she headed off back down south to uni
-The Theory of Everything, it was amazing, the film was beautiful and so factual and Eddie's acting was so respectful. 

What I have been listening to this week:

Frank Ocean//Channel Orange (I have rekindled my love for this man) 

How was you Monday ?

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Freshers on Film

I know it's been a whole semester since'freshers' so me calling this 'Freshers on Film' is  little out of order, but lets go with it because; alliteration. I've enjoyed my first semester of uni so much, I've met some great people and had a right ol' good time and no doubt that the fun will continue. I thought I would share a few of the photos I have been taking over the months on my disposable camera, I love using disposable cameras because you never know what they're going to develop like and also I just love the grainyness and the off saturation (lets face it I'm abit of a hipster at heart) The photos were taken through freshers, right up to Christmas and I think they make a lovely timeline of my first few months at uni. 

 First few nights of freshers

 Bar crawl night


 Bonfire Night


 Peace and Bombay Bicycle Club at Newcastle O2

I didn't agree with this btw, I ended up leaving because I hated it so much, the whole objectifying and rating women doesn't really go down well with me but I took a photo anyway, I don't know why.

Obviously I took more photos than this but I'm sure my flat mates and friends don't really want to be pasted all over the internet, even though I'm sure they wouldn't mind. It's 'Refreshers week' next week for all the new starters and if it's going to be as good as last time I can't wait!
I hope all you student types enjoyed your first semester!