A Not So Blue Monday

Monday, 19 February 2018

Hello pals! I've been very busy with the music this week but I'm so happy I'm still finding time to blog. There are many posts that I'm wanting to write that aren't just Monday posts but they require a lot more effort y'know, but watch this space, exciting things are happening at the moment! Here are the things that have made me particularly happy this week: 

Everything Sucks __________________________________________________________________

No that isn't just a casual statement from me bout' life; this is the new tv series I've been watching on Netflix. I think it's only been out for a week, but I appear to have binge watched almost all of it already. The show is set in a 90's American highschool and follows a group of nerdy kids and their hilarious and cringey endeavours and there are also enough pop culture references to challenge Stranger Things. It's just very feelgood and an easy  watch for late evenings, the characters are so warming and relatable, especially the adults in the show, I just want to give them all a hug. Also if I was in a highschool I would totally be in the AV club, drama club is too high maintenance for me man. 

Winter Olympics__________________________________________________________________

My mum and I have been enjoying sitting down each evening and watching people hurl themselves around in the snow. There's something more exciting about the winter olympics I feel, maybe it's the added risk to it all or just the fact that everything is white and the aesthetic is  s t r o n g. I myself have been thoroughly enjoying the ice skating and you know how influenced I get by things? Well I now want to be a professional figure skater, so there's that -I don't think a 5ft7 giraffe would do well on ice really but she can dream- Also it really makes me want to take off and go on a skiing holiday, everyone's sat here ready for summer and I'm having visions of icy tundras and hot chocolates and I believe the olympics is partly to blame for this! Oh well I'll have to wait another 4 years soon enough, so I better enjoy it now! 

Ready Player One__________________________________________________________________

My good friend Tom leant me this book the other day and I have only just started reading it (sorry Tom) I'm on chapter 2 now but I already know that I'm going to love this book. It's got everything I love: post-dystopia, 80's pop culture and caravans. I'm hoping I can get through this book just in time for the film release and then I can really wrap myself up into this universe and hopefully enjoy a really good comparison to the novel and the film plot. So far it's amazingly written and so immersive, I'm sure there will be a full review here soon, at some point, maybe. 

How was your Monday?

A Not So Blue Monday

Monday, 12 February 2018

Hello pals! It's been another busy week, settling into my new job and with new jobs comes new routines. I've always been one for routines and I'm so happy I have one that I can stick to again. This new job is great so far and still giving me time to focus on other important things like music and friends. Work hard, play hard and all that, here are the things that have made me particularly happy this week:

Secret Life of 5 Year Olds: All Girls __________________________________________________

This week marked the 100th anniversary of when certain women were granted the right to vote for the first time. Although not all women, very far from it; it still is something to celebrate because these certain suffragettes started it all, got the ball rolling as it were. To celebrate channel 4 decided to broadcast a special episode for one of my favourite programs The Secret Life of 4 and 5 Year Olds where they only featured and focused on girls. It was so, so interesting to see how they all interacted and how deep routed gender stereotypes actually are in our society. But also it was really uplifting, these little girls are so tuned in and it's so, so refreshing to see this generation interact with each other so positively. From a psychological perspective, we still have a long way to go with how we treat women in society, a lot of the things they were saying were eye opening. But boy was it amazing to watch them negotiate politics and even talk intelligently about the patriarchy!  It was very gently done and although I am not the biggest fan of children, their development is still incredibly important and we must protect these lil' beans from this terrifying society, although they seem to be doing that pretty well by themselves. 


I came across a pretty well known Youtube musician this week. Someone I hadn't heard of before. His voice stopped me in my tracks and the lyrics to this song captured me and still haven't let me go. Cavetown is the right balance of quirky and poignant and after watching this incredibly clever music video, I decided to listen to his whole album -which is amazing and on spotify- Basically Robbie made me feel so inspired because he is doing exactly what I want to do and achieving everything I hope to achieve this year. Also he's just a lovely lil' bean and his chameleon is hella' cute. Go and listen to his new single Lemon Boy if you haven't already heard it, the music video is 10/10. 


I have short hair now and that means I get to wear more hats -not that you can't wear hats with long hair, but you get what I mean- I've owned an oversized grey beret for a while now and although I do love it, it is pretty big, like it takes up half of my forehead, v floppy, good for when hungover and want to hide face. However I was still yet to join the ultimate beret bandwagon, until the other day when I bought two online. A burgundy\cherry red colour and a classic black one and I love them and haven't taken them off, especially the red one. I just think you can't go wrong with a beret and short hair, especially in this weather. Pair them with a huge pair of sunglasses and wola! You're suddenly Audrey Hepburn on your bus ride to work, how chic!

How was your Monday?

Treasure Hunt | January

Sunday, 11 February 2018

It's a new year, so here's a new treasure hunt! This is a lil' mixture of items I was gifted at Christmas or picked up for myself in January because.. treats r good:

Alexander McQueen Eua De Parfum _________________________________________________

I've been ogling over this perfume for a while now, I think it's something about the ultra sophisticated smell that attracted me to it, or maybe because its McQueen and cruelty free. My mum knew this fact and decided to sneakily buy this for me at Christmas time, which was naughty because it is pretty expensive! I have worn it almost everyday since and it is now becoming my signature scent, it makes me feel sexy when I go out and sophisticated when I stay in, even if I'm just lying around in my pyjamas, McQueen just has that effect on people I guess. The main scent is floral, but there are also musky vanilla notes that break up the strength of the flowers. I wouldn't say it's to everybody's taste and it is pretty powerful but I think it's a great scent for winter and only one spray can last for the whole day so it is worth the money. This scent would be perfect to pair with a cute lil' black bralet and briefs and not much else -oooerr how demure- 

Glossier | Milky Jelly Cleanser _______________________________________________________

I finally bit the bullet and after my beloved 9to5 Lush cleanser ran out, I decided to order this cult beauty favourite. Can I just say the Glossier website and branding is so on point, this cleanser arrived with a scratch and sniff sticker and the box was so cool, anyway; this stuff is amazing! I've been applying it for 2 months now everyday to take off my makeup and it just breaks up the makeup and makes it vanish, you don't have to scrub vigorously or apply a tonne of it, infact I only use one squirt of this on my hand and it's enough to take off all of my base makeup and liquid eyeliner, that's impressive! I also like to rub it all over my face before a bath or a shower and let the water naturally wash it off. It leaves your skin so soft and although I have had some spots, they don't last as long as they normally do and I can't see any sign of blemish scars. I am definitely a new-found fan of the Glossier brand and will definitely either be re-purchasing this or trying out some new products from them in the future. 

Lush | Sleepy Body Lotion___________________________________________________________

We all know I don't have the best relationship with sleep, hell whilst writing this it's just gone 2am! But when I was employed over Christmas, my night owl ways needed to be halted and replaced with early morning get ups and 10 hour shifts. So I purchased this body lotion because I've been told it's actually helped people with actual diagnosed insomnia? That's crazy! I myself have been enjoying applying it after a warming candle-lit bath and I must say this stuff has knocked me out, multiple times. Now I don't know if that's exhaustion from work or this body lotion's hidden supernatural powers, but the gentle smell of lavender and oatmeal is all I seem to need on my skin to make me sleep for 8 hours. My favourite way to experience this product is coming in from a tiring day, running a bath, candles, book, the lot; applying this to damp skin, clean teeth, clean pyjamas pressing against just-shaven legs, new bedding.. I'm sorry I couldn't finish this sentence I must have fallen asleep, oops.

Vegan Bakery | Sweet Crunchies _____________________________________________________

I got these sent to me in the latest Goodness Project box and oh my have they changed the vegan biscuit game for the better! I decided to open them and eat one and then a day later, they were all gone. Maybe it's the subtle vanilla flavor, or the light sprinkling of coconut sugar on the top of each biscuit which makes them so moreish, or the adorable flower shape they come in which makes them so easy to just pop into your mouth and.. oh wait they've all gone. I'm going to have order more of these online because I swear to goodness -see what I did there- they have changed my life!

Magic Organic Apothecary | Aphrodite Facial Oil ______________________________________

After discovering this brand at a local shop not so long ago, my mum kindly gifted me this facial oil from the same company. I'm just in love with the packaging and had to include the cardboard container in the photo. I've never really used facial oil before, but this one infused with rose hip oil is very luxurious and perfect for controlling that red, dry skin that comes with winter weather. It's also been great at keeping the dreaded thread veins and red complexion at bay. It smells amazing as well, all botanical and natural and not greasy in the slightest. I love this brand and it's use of the yarrow root in all of their products which helps with scarring. I've been using the MOA Green Balm for 3 months now and it's really making a difference to the scarring on my legs. Go and check MOA out and get yourself some beautifully packaged, cruelty free, yarrow infused goodness! 

Honourable Mentions  ______________________________________________________________

- £2 old man cardigan from Salvation Army - I've worn it nearly everyday this month. 
- New PA system - I can create my own sound at gigs now (please book me)
- New house plant Phillip - He's a good ol' boy. 
- Witch cat duvet cover - Finally a duvet cover that reflects my personality. 
- The Crown - Princess Margaret is da best. 

What treasures have you found this month?

Songs | JAN18

Friday, 9 February 2018

New year, new title amaright. The start of the year is normally a great time for music and 2018 didn't disappoint with impending album-drop news from Arctic Monkeys, MGMT, Vampire Weekend and Franz Ferdinand. And of course the release of Music for Cars which I am so ready for! The meme's are right; 2013 tumblr is coming back with a vengeance and I will be waiting; cigarette packet lyrics and Tesco's own vodka in hand. But let's stick to this month, a playlist consisting of some old favourites and some new discoveries, all bringing out exciting new music into 2018. The early birds are here, let's talk about them:



I've had a pretty tumultuous relationship with James Blake and his songs this year. They're just so darn sad and brought back a lot of painful memories. But now, after a bus journey of forcing myself to listen to DLM, I can once again listen to his music without hysterically crying, hoorayy! 
This beautiful cover of Don McLean's Vincent is so haunting and a really clever and stylish rendition, with just the piano and Blake's astounding harmonies. Perfect for looking poignantly out of rainy windows on public transport. 

Speaking of 2013 The Vaccines are back! With a much heavier and harder sound. Gone are the days of light and catchy indie anthems like Wetsuit and Weirdo, this song is all fast and furious punk, heavy guitars and lyrics that explain a life of no consequences and attitude. I'm so into it and very, very excited for their upcoming album, if it's anything like this song I can't wait to listen to it driving into the sunset on a main road. 

This month I have been well and truly infatuated with Dua Lipa, everything she does and everything she stands for. I just think she's a flawless person, so driven with a no-boys work ethic. I also love the attitude of this song and the production quality, it has turned such a simple set of chords into a pop anthem and I particularly enjoyed covering it at my last gig, dedicating it to every woman in the room, yes sisters Dua wrote this song for us!

Oh look the 2013 revolution peeks its head out again, in the shape of a wombat! It's no secret that The Wombats are one of my all time favourite bands and although I wasn't a real fan of Lemon to a Knife Fight, Turn is such a tune! I fell in love with the lyrics as soon as I heard it, those classic over-dramatic and self aware lyrics that make their songs balance between profound and humorous. It'll be my second time seeing them in March and I can't wait for this new album to grace my ears with all its lyrical and comedic glory.

First Aid Kit are back and it's about bloomin' time! The album has been released now, but you'll have to wait for a proper review later in the month. Fireworks was the first song I heard from their new album and like all their songs, it captivated me and I found adding it to this playlist quicker than a firework exploding itself. I then continued to play this song on repeat all night and for the rest of that week. I identified with the lyrics and then the harmonies kicked in and lets just say I was sold! The best way to begin an album release, they know how to hype.

I can't remember how I found Caroline Pennel, I think it was on twitter? I listened to one of her songs Water and then continued to listen to the rest of the album in the bath. I love the production quality on these tracks and how she uses her voice in so many ways; in this song Little it's almost all vocals and that's very brave. I also love the little cheeky laughs between pre-choruses, it's such a catchy lil' happy tune, perfect for getting out of bed in the morning.

Emily introduced me to this song on the bus, whilst I felt horrendously travel sick. It immediately calmed me and I became fascinated with the rendition. Yellow Day's voice is like a match made in heaven between George Ezra and Hozier, this deep, guttural howl. But then in Gap in the Clouds you have this busy, jazzy musical beat going on in the background. This song is perfect to listen to when you need a distraction, like almost vomiting on a bus or a get together with friends.

Another band I found because of the beautiful people I follow on twitter. And also another album I listened to in the bath, it was a great time. Wet are my new favourite mellow-band and You're the Best is an absolute bob, down to the vocals and the little funky guitar riff in the build up. It's just a song that makes you feel good y'know.

My bae Haley Blais decided to grace us with new music, took us all by surprise didn't she! Deciding to post her demos on Spotify so us peasants can listen to it for free. I love how DIY this grouping of songs is and you can really tell that Haley was just let loose in the studio, it's so experimental, with half the songs not actually having an ending, but that's fine because the songs that she's managed to make are so haunting and catchy in equal measure. Severance Pay is definitely my favourite though because of the lyrics. To be honest, this girl could just release an assortment of weird noises and I'd be down for it, oh wait.. did she just do that?

I normally don't trust Spotify when it decides to just go 'off playlist' after it has finished. But before I could make a dive for my phone and knock any suggestions off because I don't like being told what to listen to; the subtle tones of The Walters came through my speakers and I found myself swaying in my room. This song takes me back to summer, which is strange because I didn't listen to them last year, but here we are; lying on the grass, maybe on a picnic blanket, sunglasses and good book. I'll favour any band if they make me fantasise about things like that! Honestly though Fancy Shoes is so feel-good and I love the old fashioned edge to the beat and the harmonies, perfect for listening to whilst doing all the things above, maybe not in this weather though.

What have you been listening to this January?

A Not So Blue Monday

Monday, 29 January 2018

Hello pals! I've had a busy ol' week full of music and madness, so today I kicked back and did absolutely nothing apart from a yoga routine observed by a cat, reading my favourite book and watching the Grammy's. I had my first full gig in ages on Saturday after two nights of celebrations and a Complete Stone Roses gig, so it's safe to say I'm a bit dead, but I'm having so much fun playing more music than ever and being around fellow musicians a lot of the time is definitely making me feel v creative.  Here are the things that have made me particularly happy this week:

Audio Books _____________________________________________________________________

This week after a trudge around Waterstones, I decided to have a lil' look at Secrets for the Mad Dodie's new book. I picked it up and then became completely hooked and couldn't put it down. I decided, instead of paying £15.00 for a copy, to download the audio book and listen to it before bed. Dodie has a very relaxing voice and her ASMR videos are some of my favourite to sleep to. The audio book also contains songs and little readings from her friends. It has so far made me laugh and cry in equal measure and the tone of the book completely knocks me out.  This means I do miss out on many chapters, but with audio books it's really easy to find where you left off. I think I'm a big audio book convert now and might even keep my subscription to audible.com! I haven't listened to an audio book since falling asleep every night to those ever so famous Stephen Fry-read-Harry Potters that every child of my generation fell asleep to. I'm excited about this new audio book adventure, but I'm certainly not going to let it get in the way of my old-fashioned love for a physical copy of a book, it's just nice to have the choice. You never know, this may finally get me into podcasts!

Alexa Pranks_____________________________________________________________________

For Christmas my mum was given an Amazon Echo and I kind of hate it. This FBI man meme has just established the fact that we are being listened to by the government and Alexa knows man, she knows! What Alexa is great for though is freaking my poor mother out. After accidentally playing Kendrick Lamar full blast at 3am on it, I found out that my spotify has somehow connected itself to good ol' Alexa, meaning that I can play horror movie soundtracks and strange noises down in the kitchen for a bit of light entertainment. I've also began to play Come on Over by Shania Twain whenever I need my mum to come upstairs. Oh dear, I think I've reached my peak of millennial-ism, but it's my parents fault for introducing this impostor robot into the house in the first place! I better stop typing now, she's probably watching me! 

Sister Agnes_______________________________________________________________________

This week on my way to Carlisle, I met a nun on the bus. She asked me a question and then we hit it off, talking for the whole of the journey. I found out she was originally from Nigeria and she became a nun so she could travel and be close to God at the same time. We talked about everything; the state of the world, what we were doing this summer, the weather in Cumbria. She gave me some amazing advice and I was just so grateful to meet her and to be on that bus with her at the same time. It felt like the universe wanted me to have that conversation, I actually felt emotional when we said goodbye and I've been thinking about her a lot. Some people just flit in and out of your life like that, but they will be the ones that leave the most lasting impression. Talk to strangers on the bus, you never know what  kind of characters you'll meet and what advice you'll receive. 

Fishnets __________________________________________________________________________

This week, I was introduced to fishnets. Now I've never felt 'edgy' enough to get away with fishnets, I always used to think my long, pale legs wouldn't really look right in them. This is probably down to the song Girl all the Bad Guys Want by Bowling for Soup. But on Friday night I threw caution to the wind and wore my friend's fishnets under my mom jeans. I really liked the look and will definitely, maybe buy some for more edgier days, maybe, we'll see. You can see my 'edgy' transformation on my insta, won't be watching wrestling or listening to rap metal anytime soon though. 

How was your Monday?

She's Only Gone & Made a Bullet Journal

Monday, 22 January 2018

Instead of a Monday post I thought I'd show you my new means of organisation. The obnoxious bullet journal that I haven't stopped going on about. I was so sceptical to start one of these and it's taken me two diaries not being right for this situation to even occur, but here we are. I decided to dive in that hole and I dove in deep -scrolling through BuJo themed pinterests at 2am- I kind of love my new journal to be honest, even the bright orange aesthetic, I mean I'm not going to lose it anytime soon really! I thought in this post I could show you some pages I've come up with -with the help of 2am pinterest of course- maybe for inspiration? Or just the fact that we're all nosy so and so's. And I need at least somebody to dive into the hole with me!

I tried not to let the 2am pinterest boards and the dozens of Youtube videos distract me from my main aim for this diary 'organisation'. So I tried to keep everything as simple as possible, starting with a future log; because that's what all the BuJo people do don't they? Nah I like it because it shows me what I've got coming up in the months, even before I draw out their spreads. At the moment there's not much going on, just a few birthdays. And before I get angry messages, no it's not finished, so if you're birthday's not there, it doesn't mean I've forgotten you! 

I've seen this idea flitting around a lot and thought it would be a good way of tracking my mood for the year. When I was at CBT I was also encouraged to start one of these, a year too late but oh well. I don't really like the idea of habit tracking, but I thought with a vague and simple thing like this it can't do any harm. I also find great satisfaction colouring in the squares at the end of everyday and it'll be really nice to look back on and hopefully be like 'that was a happy month' because sometimes my brain likes to be a drama queen. Here's to 2018's BIG MOOD!

I've seen bloggers dedicate all their journal to their blog, but that's not my main focus for this year. So I decided to leave it just a double page. I'll basically be dumping ideas for my blog here and lists of things to write about, you know the usual. 

Speaking of lists I thought this would be a good idea. I'm forever forgetting what films I've watched and books I've read and it'll be handy for my review posts. I'm also trying to read more and consume more art in 2018 so hopefully this page will help me do that. 

The inevitable money page. I like how it's empty right now, but hopefully my savings from the last months will go here and help me keep it there. 2018 is going to be a year of saving as much as possible because it's the year of moving house and adulting -and paying off my disgusting amount of student dept- ew. 

So this is the start of my January spread. I've been focusing a lot on exercise and I'm currently in the middle of doing Yoga With Adriene's 30 day yoga challenge. As you can see, I'm doing pretty well, apart from the big gap in the middle of the week where I tend to go out and drink gin and -do not- show up on the mat the next morning, oops. There's also a monthly budget planner because; savings. I'll add each bill to this table and hopefully add up my savings at the end of the month and add it to the page from before. 

My weekly spreads are pretty simple at the moment. A blank page on the left for lists and notes and a 6 line table on the right. I've also inserted the moon phases or each day because that's quite important to me and that's what bullet journals are about; personalisation. It's essentially just a copy of my beloved 2017 Flow Diary layout that I loved so very much, it just works for me. 

There we are, a little obnoxious and finicky, but it could be a lot worse. I think I kept it simple and hopefully this lil' orange notebook will help me get through and enjoy 2018. I have a feeling it's going to be a pretty big year, so I needed a big ol' diary to fill it with. Honestly if you're sceptical about starting one, but you're an organised lil' bean like me, just keep it simple and don't get too caught up in prettiness and faff, no one wants a faffy diary. 

Do you bullet journal? I'd love to share tips and layouts and things.
 And maybe 2am pinterest post ideas?