Morning & Motivational Youtube Channels

Thursday, 25 May 2017

I've been wanting to write an updated version of my favourite Youtube channels for a while now but instead of just listing them, I thought I'd put them into categories. Because I've been waking up earlier I tend to watch more Youtube in the morning now when I'm having my breakfast and I specifically pick out videos on my subscription feed that I know will give me motivation and inspiration for the upcoming day. This tends to be a mixture of vlogs, chatty, food and informative videos that I can really concentrate on because it's the morning and my head isn't filled with the day before. I thought I would construct a little sectioned list of the kind of videos and new subscriptions I tend to watch in the morning:


Vlogs are a perfect way for me to get me motivated for the day. I don't know about you but there's something about watching someone else make a nice breakfast and complete their daily to-do list that make me want to really do the same. Along with the obvious vlog channels I've spoken about like Zoella and The Michelaks, I have had some new ones added to my list recently:

Helen Anderson - Helen's vlogs are so well put together and I love the way she edits them with the over contrast and special effects. You can tell she puts a lot of effort into her videos and uploading everyday is such a task but it really pays off. I love to watch these first thing in the morning with a cuppa and a to-do list at hand because she is the queen of organisation!

Carrie Hope Fletcher - The theatre has always interested me and Carrie's behind the scenes vlogs are so interesting. To hear about the ins and outs of a very complex career and her day to day routine of getting into character and getting ready is so cool. Watching Carrie's career excel makes me much more motivated to get out of bed and excel at my own dream career one day. 


Keira Rose - Although Kiera's vlogs are basically WIEIAD's, her videography skills show a much more unique and diverse way to document the food she ate and you get little snippets of her home life and what she gets up to during the day. Kiera has quickly become one of my favourite Youtubers and I love how she inserts her personality and humour into every one of her vlogs.


I love a good chatty video in the morning. Especially when I've got a bit of time and I can eat my breakfast and sort out what I'm doing that day with a nice one way conversation, this is not weird to me at all. I think being mostly an introvert I like chatty videos because they allow me to just sit back and listen and not join in. I also like to watch these kind of videos when I'm getting ready for the day and putting on my make up. The queens of chat in my subscription feed are:

Louise Pentland - Obviously we all know Louise and her incredibly grounding and laid back style. I love her vlogs equally but I have really been enjoying watching her storytime series, where she just sits infront of the camera and recalls a funny event that happened. They are always side splitting and so cringy in the best possible way.

Bethany Austin - Yep, the blogosphere's very own Curly&Wordy has gone into Youtube and I am loving her content! I think she's bringing a new take on the blogging and video style and linking the two, she talks the same way as you'd read her blog and the topics she has covered so far are very interesting and I'm ever so excited for more content in the same calming and grounding aesthetic. 

Simply-Kenna - I've been watching Kenna for a while now and I love how much her channel and content has grown. Her 'coffee with Kenna' videos make me feel so relaxed and I love to hear her opinions on things from anime to her sexuality which I find so interesting and it's so wonderful to see an Ace influencer thriving from just being herself. 



There isn't a better time to watch food videos than the morning or afternoon when you've got some actual food in front of you. Although I am vegan I tend to watch other cooking based channels quite a lot and just fast forward the meaty parts, they have to be entertaining though. Although Cam & Nina are still king and queen of the vegan recipe vlogs I have been watching a few new people recently:

Honey Bunch of Onion Tops - I found Phoebe through The Mustards and was extremely appealed by her fast and snappy morning content. Her recipes all look super easy and simple and so filling and I love the angles she uses and the way she edits. Perfect videos for making you hungry in the morning.

Sorted Food - Although they're a mostly carnivorous channel, I still love their banter. I like the challenges they do and I am thoroughly enjoying Fridge Cam at the moment. They make food fun and easy and I have picked up so many techniques from them especially how to cut fruit and veg in a fast and safe way. They also have done a few vegan recipes in the past and I like that they acknowledge us as a community. Please do a vegan week for Fridge Cam it would make my life!

Haley Blais - My bae Haley Blais. Her videos are perfect for any time of the day really but I love watching her WIEIAD vids in the morning. Her take on a realistic vegan diet is hilarious but yet still informative and I just love her humour and the way she edits her videos. Be friends with me please Haley. 

Informative ______________________________________________________________________

As I said before I tend to have more headspace in the morning, meaning that I enjoy watching informative videos I really need to concentrate on at this time of day. I like to watch science or psychology based videos, or videos where people express opinions or facts about important things. Sometimes I like to watch videos where a certain issue is addressed and then I can think about the issue and what I can do about it for the rest of the day. I love learning and what better time to do it than in the morning:

Sarah Hawkinson - My psychology BFF (I wish). I love her psychology videos so much and although I already know most of the stuff because we share the same degree, it's interesting to know her opinions on it and she's just so damn good at explaining things! I love her articulation and how she makes psychology accessible to everybody.

Hannah Witton - I love Hannah and her content and I love watching her more informative videos in the morning especially if it's around that certain time of the month. The Hormone Diaries is one of the best 'series' on youtube in my opinion and really, really important. I too came off the pill along with Hannah and I love watching her journey and it's very reassuring to know we share some of the same symptoms. 

Leena Norms - Although I like to watch Lena's videos in the evening as well because they calm me. I like to watch her more informative videos in the morning so I can stew over the issues and take it all in, I love her political videos the most and I love how ballsy she is with what she says and her opinions, I think we could all learn a lot from Leena.

So those are my go-to Youtube channels I watch in the morning. It differs obviously depending what mood I'm in and how much time I have, but I think being presented by this kind of stimulus at the beginning of the day can be really beneficial because obviously your mind is going to be much more open and prepared for the day.

There will be a second post in this series coming soon and I hope it has given you some insight into what channels to watch in the morning, obviously it's down to personal preference though and that's the cool thing about Youtube; you can watch anything at any time of the day.

 Are there any specific channels or types of videos you like to watch in the morning? 


Ethical Fashion

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

I've been wanting to write this post for a while but I wanted to become more informed first. I've always been aware that some high street stores aren't great with their ethics and where the materials come from but before delving into this issue I didn't know it was as bad as it actually was. That's why I've decided to make a change (alright Michael Jackson).

From a young age we are conditioned to think that clothes are important, that what we wear signifies some form of class or currency. I remember becoming interested in fashion in the middle of secondary school. My wardrobe expanded and there were many, many visits to Primark (sorry mum). Although I was a self proclaimed hipster (ew) I was still dressing in cheap clothes because everyone else was and well; they were cheap, I didn't know any different.  And that's the trouble, I recently watched the very famous documentary called 'The True Cost' and they said that the reason clothes are becoming so cheap is because of the high demand for it, from angsty teenagers who shop in Primark in a desperate attempt to become popular. And why is this? Because of the media. Advertisement for fashion is very manipulative, making us think that if we buy this specific item of clothing we will have more worth than if we don't. It persuades us to put all of our identity into the clothes we wear and more specifically; the brands we buy them from.

Compared to the 4 fashion seasons that we began with, fast fashion has created an extra 52 micro seasons in which brands must keep up with the demand for clothing that is still 'on trend'. Because of this, brands seek cheaper ways to make the clothes sacrificing the health and safety of their workers; if you haven't seen or read about the Rana Plaza disaster in which 1,138 people died and another 2,500 were injured, go and read about it, it's important to be aware that these things happen because it was thoroughly neglected from the news headlines. Fast fashion also has a huge impact on the environment and according to  Greenpeace's research; the chemicals used to treat and dye clothes are polluting rivers and the clothing industry takes up 3% of global production of C02 emissions, that's not too far behind from animal agriculture.  

Now, as all of you may know I am a vegan and have been for a year and a half now. I have been focusing all of my education and energy into veganism and the lifestyle that I have chosen to lead but whilst I was doing this, I wasn't noticing something as equally wrong with the world standing right in front of me. Now I have settled into my vegan lifestyle and am comfortable with my choices and what I consume, I need to sort out where my clothes come from. That's the next step for me. After reading amazing blogposts from Bethany and Grace who are much more educated on this topic as they have been living an ethical fashion lifestyle for a while now, I would encourage you to go and read their posts too. The moment it hit me that I need to change my fashion choices is when I put on a jumper from H&M after reading Bethany's post about the same topic. The jumper reads 'Feminism; The Radical Notion that Women are People'. I just stared at myself in the mirror wearing this jumper and feeling disgusted with the company that made it and to be honest a little at myself for buying and wearing it. That jumper was probably made by a woman that had all her rights taken away, how dare they promote feminism when their brand don't allow pregnant women maternity leave so they have to give birth in the corridor, how dare they create this facade that they actually care about women and then employ young girls and place them in unsafe environments.
How. Fucking. Dare. They.
I was so angry and then, I decided to make a change.

I decided from there and then that I would only shop ethically from now on. Be it from ethical clothing brands, vintage swap shops and charity shops. Similar to going cruelty free I will be keeping the clothes I already own until I grow out of them or have no use for them and then they will be given to charity. I already completed the 333 minimalism challenge, so after a little change around I am happy with my wardrobe for now.  But I will be trying my absolute best to shop ethically from now on, I know it will be a transition of learning and education similar to veganism and I might get it wrong, but at least I'm trying and at least I've finally opened my eyes into the mistreatment and sheer hypocrisy and how far brands will go to makesure they're still on top and we're all still brainwashed. There's a whole psychological theory around this about higher powers becoming desensitised and things and I could write another post about that if you wanted me to?

For now though I would highly encourage you to begin educating yourself. Read Bethany and Sophie's posts and watch The True Cost and then head over to Fashion Revolution and see what you can do to help. There is also a very useful Fashion Transparency PDF file that you can download and it shows you which brands are the most ethically conscious or trying to be at least.

 I feel extremely passionate about this but you must understand I've been under their spell for years and have a lot of learning to do. But I know it will all be for the best and I'll be able to sleep better at night knowing I'm not contributing towards this hideous industry and hoping to bring awareness so we can change it. I want you to come on this journey with me, you wont regret it. Those leggings from Primark can wait. Speaking of leggings I'm finding it really hard to find certain staples such as; underwear, tights, leggings etc and it would be so helpful for my already ethically aware pals to point me in the direction of a good brand that does good staple garments that are ethical, thanks in advance!

Will you join the fashion revolution?


A Not So Blue Monday

Monday, 22 May 2017

Hello pals! Dammit, I was doing so well with May Everyday but then a huge horrible bout of PMS arrived and I lost my creative streak completely. I hate being like this when I'm on my period and I know that the only thing that will fix it is to stop anything creative I'm doing and just wallow in a slump and eat food and maybe cry. I'm back now though and what a week of socialising I've had, here are the things that have made me particularly happy this week:

Finishing Uni______________________________________________________________________

On Thursday I completed my last presentation and therefore my last ever assessment for Uni. I should have finished a few weeks ago but I had to take up an extension for crisis reasons. It feels so weird to be finished and if you want to read about my thoughts in full, waffly detail; I wrote a post a few days a go about it. It has a mini existential crisis about my identity as a student inside it as well, which I left in for the lols.  

Forest Gump______________________________________________________________________

During this year I am trying to tick off the films-I-should-have-seen-but-actually-haven't list. And Forest Gump was high on up there, I don't know why I've never watched it before, it just went under my radar I guess. I enjoyed it thoroughly and now understand a lot more references in other films and just in life in general, I have been enlightened with the classic Gump impersonation and not that people were just doing a really ridiculous Southern accent. I already knew the ending which ruined it a bit for me but I was surprised how clever it is and the scenes where they inserted him into chat shows with the likes of John Lennon and things is so clever for the time it was made. I also shed a little tear throughout, I was told it's a given. "Life is like a box of chocolates" and all that, see I can join in now!

Harry Styles Carpool Karaoke______________________________________________________

I didn't know I needed this in my life until it was here. I've become a little obsessed with the likes of Mr Styles for the main reason that his new album is amazing and so much different than I thought it would be. I love his new sound and his new look and just everything he's doing at the moment. I'm also debating whether to bite the bullet and go and see him on tour, hmm. He's been doing a lot of press recently and in some interviews I think you can tell that he doesn't really want to be there but when he hosted the Late Late Show his and James' chemistry together is just electric and so hilarious. The carpool karaoke was everything I wanted it to be and more and those harmonies! I love silly videos like this with your faves in that make your day instantly better. I'm thinking of doing a full album review soon, let me know if it's something you're interested in reading.

Listening to // Paramore - After Laughter _____________________________________________

Wow, May's been an amazing month for music and I can't wait to write about it fully. But can I just say this bloody album is everything I wanted it to be and more. I love the classic style of upbeat tunes and down trodden lyrics and Paramore are queens at this. I love listening to this album in the shower, walking to work, getting out of bed. Just all the time really. My favourite tracks at the moment are Rose Coloured Boy and Forgiveness, but it's so hard to choose. It's that kind of album where you only intend to listen to one song, but end up listening to the rest of the album any way. Low key, no pressure, just hang with me and my weather,  Love it!

We're nearly at the finishing line, no more breaks now. 
How was your Monday?


Finishing Uni

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Today I handed in my last assignment and delivered my last presentation and I don't know how to feel. I'm feeling a mixture of nostalgia and relief. Uni was a big part of life and although at some points I hated it and didn't think I would get through it, I did and I learned a lot. 

Now I'm not talking about the masses of psychological theories and conditions I can list off by heart (although they are useful for a party trick) I'm talking life lessons here. My uni course taught me how to manage my time efficiently and become a much more organised person. It taught me not to leave things to the last minute, just in life in general. And the biggest thing it has taught me is to be sceptical of EVERYTHING, don't take anything at face value; be that newspaper articles, Google searches or fun facts that people tell you at parties, it's all LIES! But seriously, this course has told me to think critically and now when I read a newspaper or an article online, instead of believing it to be true, I educate myself and look for other sources. This I think is a very important life lesson and something that everyone should practice, especially for those pesky Facebook 'news' articles. It comes in very handy to wind up your friend who reads the Daily Mail and believes everything they say to be true, newsflash; it's not. 

As well as life lessons uni has caused me to think about my career and what I want out of life and right now I want a break from academia (thanks uni). I'm drained and if I write one more APA reference I swear I will go mad! This is why I've decided to take a gap year to just have a rest. I don't care if some individuals have called me 'lazy' and 'a typical millennial', uni is tiring and I need time away from things. Uni isn't for everyone, when people say that it's honestly very true. Many people I know dropped out in second or third year and you can find your own path in life without going to uni I'm sure. I don't like how schools focus so highly on going to uni and favourit-ise the kids that are choosing to go, well that's how it worked with my school anyway. 

So I have a psychology degree, whaaaaaat?! I did it and although I feel relieved, I feel apprehensive about the future. Uni was my safety blanket and now that's gone; along with my NUS card and my student identity, what am I meant to call myself in social situations? Or at the cinema?! Oh no! Full priced everything here we come! And although I know I will be  student again when I eventually go and do my Masters, I'm going to miss that form of identity and belonging and solidarity. It's time to be unleashed into the big bad world now and that's terrifying. Apart from my shitty gap year where I created this blog, I've always been in education. I'm going to have to make my own routine and take up another new project to fill time, I like to be busy, oh no. 

So that's it, the book is closed, literally; I never have to write another reference again (possibly). It's scary but it's exciting and I can now fully relax and get excited for summer and new projects. I can focus on this blog more and have actual free time and do more gigs. Although it's scary it's going to be great and I'm going to enjoy the ride regardless. 

Sorry for the slight existential crisis in the middle there. If you've left uni I'd love to know what you're doing with your spare time?


Songs For // Summer

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

I know it's still a little early but I have been having a lot of fun constructing this playlist ready for the best summer yet hopefully! It consists of a lot of classic indie anthems and some more niche artists, but they have all been put there for a reason, With a sunset in mind. Cumbrian sunsets are one of my all time favourite things to see and I've constructed this playlist just for those special moments in summer; for those hazy days. I've woken up late and we've been on an adventure listening to this playlist all day, when I have a glass of wine in one hand and a cig in the other and we've got a fire going and I'm surrounded by the people I love most in the world and then this golden and pink light appears throughout the whole of the sky and you feel content in your whole body and you know everything's going to be okay. This playlist is for those moments, sunset moments I like to call them. My calmest moments have been in front of a sunset, there's nothing like it; therefore it needs it's own anthem. Now I just need to find a sunset moment:

What's your sunset anthem?


New Pins

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

I know I've been doing pretty well at May Everyday, but this week is very busy so prepare for short shit-post style blogposts, sorry! Normal, lengthy, deep blogposts will ensue after this week. 

You all know how much a love Pinterest, but when I spoke about it last time I was relatively new to it. And since then I have gathered some more pins and established many new pin boards, so I thought I'd introduce you to them:


thetic - During the last few months I've been having a bit of a crisis and to second that the crisis caused an internal identity crisis inside of me. So I turned to Pinterest to build up my aesthetic. This will sound really stupid to some people but it really comforted me gathering arty pictures in the colour palette that I love. I have had a little love affair with the colour yellow, or more specifically; the colour lemon. I don't know why this has changed so drastically, I think it's maybe the raincoat I bought last year but I used to hate yellow but now I'm really attracted to it. This pinboard contains pretty and pale pictures of things I like that make a lovely colour palette. Also some arty Ravenclaw style photos and a lot of flatlays of books and The 1975 albums, you're welcome. 

Growth - To carry on with the crisis, I decided to create a pinboard containing quotes and positive wording surrounding nature and plants. This pinboard calms me greatly and at the moment I feel like I am growing much more as a person than I have done in the past. I also love the pastel shades of this board and some of the quotes are quite unusual but incredibly helpful. This board contains a lot of Rupi Kaur; A LOT. 

Lads - I've been crushin' an awful lot recently. So I created a pinboard of my faves, made up of pretty photos of them. I hope this isn't too objectifying , I just like their faces. 

Style - I know I've written about this before but this is one of my favourite boards because clothes. I'm gradually making the transition into ethical fashion (more on that later I promise) and this board gives me inspiration for outfits I could create from charity shops. I'm currently going for the bag lady look, it's the new chic okay. 


Pinterest calms me and I know my boards are a bit silly but they help me a lot on bad days. They give me the inspiration I need to get out of bed and do things, even if that is just Matty Healy's face or a nice kitchen. I don't know how that works either, but it totally does. 

What do you like to pin?