A Not So Blue Monday

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Today I am currently trying to recover from a strange stomach bug that has taken over two days of my life, however I am about to go outside, so I must be feeling better. This week has been full of new experiences and getting drunk in the rain. These are the things that have made me particularly happy this week:

- New Hair - Yes, I bit the bullet and decided to get the ends of my hair ombre'd, it's subtle but I can see a difference and that's all that matters, it has made me fall in love with my hair all over again. I currently however, trying to get the ends back to normal, this is requiring a lot of coconut oil and 6 hour deep conditions.

- A set list plan - I have finally gathered the songs I have been practicing into a set list for my first gig, I practice them almost everyday in preparation and I think the songs I have chosen are a mixture for everyone, from recent songs to Johnny Cash, it's fair to say I'm very excited. 

- Bread week on Bakeoff - I love bread and I love watching people bake it, because I can't bake for the life of me! 

- Dark chocolate - Yes, I like dark chocolate now. Being vegan, I have definitely noticed that my tastes are changing, I now like broccoli whereas about a year ago I thought it tasted like feet. I just hope soon that I can end my feud with cauliflower and avocados. 

- Being off work for a week and a bit - Today was my last day of work before a lovely break just in time for our yearly festival and myself and Gareth's four year anniversary, lovely. 

How was your Monday?

The Waiting Game

Friday, 21 August 2015

I have always experienced this. The impatient need when summer starts to end, the need to get back into a routine, wear more jumpers and eat more mashed potato. I can't be the only one, as humans we long for routine, we live by it, we are species that work in sequence. It's now coming to the end of August and I will be moving into a new house soon, Gareth will be heading off to Uni and the nights will be drawing in, some would feel somewhat sad by this, but I need a change, I can't live in a summer holiday forever. I want to pack everything up and just move and set up my new routine somewhere else, but I know that if I pack everything this early, I will regret it in the form of wondering where all my socks are. I also need to be fed new information, the summer is meant to give your brain a rest, mine is working over time because I feel like I need to be constantly learning things, now I've almost mediocre-ly mastered the guitar, I need a new form of learning. I've fallen on to poetry, I've always loved poetry and how it makes me feel, but never actually owned any, just always looked my favourites up on the internet, but now I am an adult I feel like I need some Hughes and Plath in my life for real, this is keeping me occupied, but I am so excited to get back working on the functions of the brain, can't wait for my lectures to fill me with new information. 

I just feel like, right now, everything's on hold and I just want to get moving, get packing, get sorting, get settling in. September is always one big waiting game. 

A Not So Blue Monday

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

I am currently sitting in my garden, because the weather has realised that it is in fact Summer and therefore giving us the little bit of sun we all wanted. I am though, sitting in the shade because as you know, my views on hot weather are not very good. I do want a little bit of sun before it becomes fully winter, I'm not a monster. This week has been full of facepainting and fannying' about to be honest. Here are the things that have made me particularly happy this week:

- Being booked for my first gig - That's right, my practicing through the winter has been worth it and on Tuesday I was offered a gig at a small festival, payed and all! I'm so excited to be singing again and even more excited, yet nervous that I have to do it all on my own. Better get practicing those Britney songs for our Stevie!

- Watching Ferris Bueller for the first time - I'm such a film buff but yet this classic seems to have always slipped under my nose. However I watched it this week because it was on telly and I absolutely loved it. It has definitely added itself to my list of favourite films, I loved all the characters and the aspect of breaking the 4th wall that's always a clever effect for me when it's done right and this film did it really well, can't wait to watch it again!

- A trip to the Lakes - As you know I live near the Lakedistrict and through this summer I've wanted to not take it for granted, so my mum and I  headed to the Lake District town of Keswick to do some shopping and walking and it was lovely and the views were beautiful. 

- Face painting and fun day - Yes, that's right I was trusted to paint children's faces and it was actually quite good fun, Emily and I raised a whole lot of money for the Haytoncastlefields funding and I didn't punch a child in the face which was a bonus! 

- Charity night after party - After a whole day of dealing with screaming children, we were in need of a drink or two and we sure did that. It was great to role home at half 2 and actually be at home without having to get a bus. Parties down the road more often please?! 

What I have been listening to:

Lianne La Havas - Her new album has just arrived and I'm in love with the summer vibe it brings along. My favourite song at the moment is 'What you don't do' it's so catchy. 

How was your Monday?

Orange is the New Orange

Thursday, 13 August 2015

What to do when the sun's shining and you're in the house on your own? Make a shameless outfit post while your neighbours probably stare at you through the window. I bought this dress for the bargain of five whole pounds from H&M and it's become my go to summer dress, I paired it with some black strappy sandals from New Look and my vintage sunglasses because I had no makeup on (hence the long distance shots). I really like this outift and I tend to move towards the burnt orange colours quite a lot, even though some would say that my hair is well, orange. I just think that my hair and skin tone go really well with orangey' and even brown tones, I just hope I don't look like one big orange! But I haven't been told otherwise. 


A Not So Blue Monday

Monday, 10 August 2015

It's been a good ol' while, but I'm back and I've really missed doing my little Monday posts. I have been away just enjoying myself and my days off and being with the people I particularly favourite. I have not however been enjoying the sun, because we have had none, literally zero sun (not that I'm complaining). Here are the things that have made me particularly happy this week:

- Nicely fitted jeans - There is nothing better than turning round and looking at your arse in those jeans and thinking 'who's that then?!' Yes I totally did that in H&M.

- Being milk and cheese free for 3 weeks - My slow transition to veganism has been a success and I now feel more energised and healthy than I have ever been.

- Elizabeth is Missing - It's a great book and it's getting emosh' at the moment.

- Hannibal (TV Series) - Oh my goodness, it's amazing! It's psychological, visual and modern and the two leads are just brilliant actors (I have a huge crush on Will Graham and maybe a little one on Hannibal himself) The story's really clever and links in with the films, making everything make sense. It's one of those TV series that you binge watch, but you also don't want it to end. Roll on season 2!

- New Girl - I know I said that I was going to watch it once a week along with E4, but the temptation was too vast and I finished the series before I could even blink! I loved the ending, so cute.

- A proper walk - Where I go to University; there aren't a lot of pretty places to go for a proper walk. So every evening I have been taking my neighbor's dog for a little strole down our country roads surrounded by views of Scotland, perfect.

What I have been listening to:

Macklemore and Ed Sheeran - Growing Up : I heard this song on Radio 1 and had it on repeat all week, the lyrics are about Macklemore's new daughter and their new but special relationship, even though it's a rap song it's poetic, that's what I like about Macklemore's music. The chorus featuring Ed Sheeran is beautiful too, like a raspy gospel anthem of nostalgia. Right up my street!

How was your Monday ?

Dear July...

Friday, 31 July 2015

First of all can I say July, you've been too cold. I normally hate the Summer time and the stagnant heat but I do like to experience those couple of weeks, just so I can say that I have had a Summer. But this year you've really kept our sun away, hopefully you're storing it up for August/Septemeber when I'm off work, yes? July you've been a great month overall, you began with a trip to London as a late Birthday present from my Auntie, there I saw The Harry Potter Studio Tour and The Savage Beauty Alexander McQueen Exhibition, we also had a little wander around Oxford Street and Covent Garden, saw Les Miserables in The Queens Theatre and even experienced my first Tube journey! It was a packed full three days but I absolutely loved it and really started the month off on a positive. Knowing I can cope going to London and being in a packed train full of people and even walk down a busy city street has really opened my eyes to what I can actually achieve with my anxiousness. When we got back from London the next few weekends were full of work and various trips to cocktail bars and even a trip to the Lake District which, I always forget is directly on my doorstep and after visiting there again I promised never to take it for granted again, I live in a beautiful place and I need to appreciate it more. Speaking of appreciation I will say this July, you've given us some amazing sunsets and I'm so glad I can just nip down to the beach with my friends and watch them, there is nothing, and I mean nothing better than a Cumbrian sunset! July, you also opened my eyes and started my vegan journey, that's right I am becoming vegan. It just seems silly to me that I have been a vegetarian for almost 9 years now but still buy products that give money to the meat industry. This month has been a month for research and the things I found has really opened my eyes into the dairy industry especially. Slowly going vegan has made me feel more re-vitalised and I am full of energy, also July you bring the (almost) sunny weather, but you also bring the delicious in season fruit with you, I've been living off watermelons and strawberries, perfect July food! I also spontaneously attended a Call and Response open night and returned home with an official certificate in CPR, something that is an incredibly important thing to have especially if you are a student, it only took me an hour and you get freebies! You also brought along the annual music festival that comes to my local town, which also brings along lots of drinking, sun (usually) and great local bands. Also Blues Festival encourages everybody from your school that you appear to have forgotten about to come out of the woodwork, there's only so many times you can say 'oh I didn't realise you were pregnant again' or 'Is such-and-such still in jail?' It was a great weekend with great people and great drinks and didn't I mention that I managed to get it off work? That was a plus. 

July you've been great, even though it was slightly cold. I've achieved a lot and I have been able to spend time with the people that I like the most. It was like being off from school on my summer holidays again! More months like this one please. 

How was your July?