A Not So Blue Monday

Monday, 15 May 2017

Hello pals! Dammit, I've been so good with May everyday and my time schedule but today has been busy, good busy though. This week has been filled with a lot of celebration and not a lot of work, which is not good because I have my last assignment due this week and I've really lost my uni mojo, I'll hopefully get it back now though. Here are the things that have made me particularly happy this week:

Casting Jon Benet_________________________________________________________________

It's a new film on Netflix very similar to making a murderer but possibly more harrowing. We first thought this was a TV series but discovered that it was a full length film so we spent the evening watching it. The concept is so clever, it revolves around a murder that happened in 1996 of a 6 year old beauty pageant contestant and its suspicious circumstances. But instead of showing reconstruction after reconstruction they show actors auditioning for the roles instead and you get to learn the story through them. It's very similar to the famous Louis Theroux documentary about Scientology where actors audition to be Tom Cruise. It's just a really clever concept and a very suspicious crime story that is handled delicately but still gives you all the information you need to become a true armchair detective. 

Eurovision Party __________________________________________________________________

It was my Birthday on Saturday and in true tradition I held a Eurovsion party. It was lovely to socialise and the Euro was as hilarious as ever, I was Italy and was so happy with my choice because their song was iconic. I also got to have many shots because they kept getting 12 points, oh dear. 

Listening to // Harry Styles _________________________________________________________

Harry Styles decided to release his album a day before my Birthday which was nice of him! I love it, I know it's getting a lot of criticism but I love how unapologetically oldschool rock it is. My fave songs at the moment are Woman, Kiwi and From the Dining Table but I love the album as a whole, I am now a true fangirl!

Sorry it was short and sweet, I'm nackered. 
How was your Monday?

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